Guys in Under Armour Spandex?

First off, let me say Under Armour is mainly a Guys athletic brand. Its more like a tight, shiny Spandex worn by Guys for working out. My Guy wears a lot of Under Armour when working out. He usually does the Spandex shirt and weard the Spandex bike shorts underneath other shorts. Here's the thing. Lately, I started paying more attention to him before going to the gym. I really started feeling turned on when he wore the Spandex. Something about the tight shiny Spandex hugging his butt, thighs and other parts. Last night, I was laying in bed and he got back from the gym early. His gym was closed. Anyways, he staryed undressing and he took his shorts off, leaving only his Under Armour on. I was so turned on, I joked with him about working out in bed. So, he jumped in bed and I put my leg around him and just started rubbing all over the smooth Spandex. Then I uaed my hand and kinda massaged his balls and D!@k through the Spandex. We were both so turned on. He said the material rubbing against him felt a little ticklish but in a great way. I'd never felt him so hard before or so turned on. Anyways, to make a long story short, he ended up getting on top of me and we basically kissed and dry humped. I was naked, Him in thin Spandex. I could really feel his head trying to penetrate me. He then did this thing where he started grinding into me, side to side, circles, up and down. All of a sudden, the grinding felt so good against my clitoris. I asked him to go faster and harder till I had a huge "O"! Moments later, I could feel his Spandex was all wet. He also hit the big "O"! It was amazing. I think I had a better orgasm than with Sex.

My question to other Girls is, have you all ever done something like this? Would you? Does seeing a Sexy Guy in Under Armour do anything for you? What do you think about this experience?
Guys in Under Armour Spandex?
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