Best friend makes sexual jokes towards me, is this really inappropriate?

GUYS PLEASE ANSWER! is this OK to do to your (girl) friends? is it normal? should I be concerned?

My very best friend is a guy. we've been friends for 3 years and he's super sweet and nice and has a fiance who I am also friends with. we hang out almost every day. he's always had a pretty crass and sexual sense of humor which didn't really bug me but lately his humor has turned towards me. he is always making jokes about sleeping with me or touching me or going into detail with explicit stories. things like I asked him for some chap stick and he says I can rub his d*** on my lips and would that help. or one time he joked about roofie-ing me and us waking up and just being that much closer. it was a total obvious joke, not threatening in any way (hes like the least imposing or threatening person you could ever meet) but he knows these things make me uncomfortable and I think he just gets a kick out of seeing me squirm, but why? he feels the need to let me know when his girlfriend and him have sex and stuff, and always tries to ask me inappropriate questions like do I masturbate and would I blow so and so and would I swallow? he knows I don't like to be touched but he caresses my arm or tickles my stomach or touches my hair after which I always tell him to stop and don't touch me. he will sometimes touch me in front of his fiance but the innapropriate things he says are much tamer in fron of her. we do this thing were we pretend to fight and he used to go, I'll F*** you up! but lately he thinks its funny to say Ill F*** you! he's done that quite a few times but not in front of his girlfriend and the other day he accidently said it in front of her and she got mad at him and he pretended like he said it on accident when I know and he knows he's done it on purpose multiple times.. should I be concerned or do you think its nothing and he's just sort of overly comfortable around me?
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Girls answers welcomd too if you have any opinion, but id like to hear from the guys point of view
Best friend makes sexual jokes towards me, is this really inappropriate?
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