Do men really prefer hourglass over tall and skinny?

Be as specific as you want.

I am short and thin, I wear a size 4 but sometimes I think I am too curvy. I have DDs, small waist and flat stomach, somewhat wider hips and butt, and my legs aren't fat but they are muscular, kind of like ballerina legs so they look firm but not skinny and lanky, especially because I'm short. I look very hourglass but not heavy. I know many people say my kind of body is ideal but it seems like many guys just like the tall and skinny girls, but I do notice that I get attention from older men that the tall skinny girls I know don't seem to get (I'm only in my early 20s)

I'm talking about body specifically, but I have a pretty face (not trying to brag I just mean that my face isn't a turn off from what I've been told)

Do older men like a certain type of body more than younger guys in their early 20s? I'm thinking that maybe older men appreciate the hourglass thing more.
Do men really prefer hourglass over tall and skinny?
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