Why won't my boyfriend ever eat me out?

To start out, I'd like to make some notes:

-I am submissive in bed, and I'm more of a giver than a receiver

-He is my first and only, so I'm clean inside and out

-He's got nine years of sexual experience over me

-I will not EVER ask strait up for it...Too shy.

I've only been eaten out once, and that was during a 69, so I was a bit distracted... I give him blow jobs once or twice every time I see him, because, well, I enjoy it and I know he does too. I don't mind that he hasn't done it more than that one time, but I am curious... He says I'm selfish in bed because I'm horrible at riding, but that's about it. For the most part, I do whatever he says in bed.

I'm wondering:

1) Your theories on why he would possibly not do it?

2) If there's any thing I may do to get him to do it? Even just once?

3) How to ride? (the question still stands haha)

I will go anon. if I get too embarrassed most likely...

Why won't my boyfriend ever eat me out?
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