My Boyfriend collects photos of girls on FB, advice?

One time when my boyfriend was in the shower, I wanted to play a joke on him and put a funny picture I had found online set to his background. I saved the photo, and it automatically put it in a folder with photos. As I opened this folder, I found a HUGE collections of girls from FB including his friends & my friends. immediately I felt like sh*t. I looked at the photos near the beginning of this folder, and some of the pics were of girls he collected BEFORE we were even dating. so that kind of made me feel better, because it wasn't like he started to do this after we dated.. but there were a bunch that were after we started dating. I confronted him about it, and he lied to me and said that it was back when his "internet was down". I said.. bullsh*t, cause a bunch of the photos in that folder were NEW photos recently posted by girls on Facebook.

major f***ing turn off right? I kind of get over it though.. I figured it was just a habit, since he had started to do it before we were dating. he said he would delete them, and we would just move on

2nd time.. I find it AGAIN. complete accident too. I had to print a paper for class, and I don't have a printer, so I would use his. I had to download my file from e-mail and it automatically put it in a folder, SAME f***ING THING HAPPENED AGAIN.

we talked about it. he cried to me saying "its just something I've always done, I just like looking at girls"

which I can understand because that's how guys operate, but WHAT THE f*** dude. its so creepy..

he then said he would seriously stop doing it because he could see how hurt I was and doesn't want to hurt me anymore

and THEN

this is the weirdest part..

i had to borrow his flashdrive for a project. sure enough. mad pics of girls were on there. like.. he did that to further hide it from me.

& then..

i went to the bathroom in the middle of the night while my boyfriend was out playing vid games in the living room. I walk into the living room and I see him creeping on girls and he saw me and shut the comptuer. its like any chance he gets that's all he does is creep and find girls on fb or on the internet.

don't get me wrong, I get that guys are attracted to girls, that's nature.. but isn't it a LITTLE f***ing aggressive that he is CONSTANTly doing that on the internet?

he's jerking off to pics of girls he has previously hooked up with, finds hot (who are our FRIENDS).

here are my theories

1) that's just his fetish. that gets him off the best when he's beating the meat

2) he's a f***ing creep

what I can't stop thinking about is.. if it were a real life situation, and one of those girls were down to f***.. would he do it?
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what really bothers me though is how he looked at me in the face and said he truly won't do that anymore because he knows how much it hurts me. and then he hides it on his flash drive..

the fact that he is okay with lying to me to my face, doesn't that show a red flag that he could physically cheat on me, and not tell me about it...

or do you think he is just embarassed about it? cause I would be too if I was him and I got caught..

My Boyfriend collects photos of girls on FB, advice?
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