Ladies, do you like seeing men naked?

Normally I'd have assumed the answer would certainly be yes, as long as the guy had handsome proportions and was in shape.

But I've gone back to art school and in my sculpting class a couple of girls were disappointed we had a male still-life model pose naked. They wanted a female model instead. They whined that "men are ugly." It got me wondering if every woman shared that view, there'd be no hope for our species to pass our genes on.

The model we had was a young skinny guy in his mid 20s. So he wasn't hideous. In the past I've had to draw and sculpt old and overweight models who weren't easy on the eye, but over time I've become desensitized.

It is interesting because I've had a previous girlfriend who wouldn't let me go down on her unless I was completely undressed; she liked seeing me completely undressed.

I understand male and female genitals can be ugly for some people when they're not in the right mind set. Unless of course they're horny and in love. But is the male body really that bad of an eyesore to you ladies?
Ladies, do you like seeing men naked?
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