What makes a guy turned on the most?

iv never had sex before.but I think about it all the time and I do masturbate but I just don't know what to do about it.i think about it every single day


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  • ACK. I suggest you don't believe what they do in the pornos because a lot of the time it's all a-c-t-i-n-g.

    If you want to turn on a guy, you can use the unexpected to your advantage in any situation! For example, whenever my girlfriend and I are cuddling up, if she takes my hand out of the blue and places it where she wants to be touched, it screams "I want your attention!" The unexpected is a -huge- turn on for any guy. If you do this, just make sure that your relationship is ready to "handle" where that hand is going. =) That's just one example, so use your imagination.

    Also, guys fall in love with what they see, while girls fall in love with what they hear. What you wear goes a long way if you want a guy's attention, but try to wear clothes that show off your features just a little bit for starters, and only when you're not around in public much. If my girlfriend wore a halter top on a date at the zoo, I'd feel like she was trying to attract other guys.


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  • This is kind of silly but my girlfriends and I rented a bunch of pornos with fake id's. We watched them in the basement at one of our houses and all paid close attention. From that day on we were educated in a new way. The first time will never be like the pornos - it is always awkward and strange. Your still young so share with your partner before hand you are a virgin.

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