I really want to find a guy who is a sadist?

I don't really know how to do it though. I'm not into the leather and bondage but the really rough sex and the forcefulness. I've only ever met one guy who ever had the metal aspect down. I'm really into the controlling/strictness of it and being ordered etc. I'm not into humiliation though.

I feel like it's so hard to find a guy who can be the kind of sadist I like. The S&M with all the leather and gags is really cheesy to me and that's all I ever find! It's even harder to find the right guy because I'm a pretty monogamous person and I don't sleep around so the guy would have to actually be my partner. =\

I don't think they make dating websites for this. Lol. I tried to find stuff but I'm not online that often and whenever I search the cheesy stuff comes up =\
I really want to find a guy who is a sadist?
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