Am I not good in bed?

so I took my girlfriend out for dinner tonight, and afterward we went for a swim. she has told me that she has always wanted to have sex in the shower. So after swimming I told her I was going to take a shower and that she should join me.

She 6 feet tall and I am about 5'9. I could really "dot it" in the shower. Like I could get in but I don't know I guess either I am too short because I kept slippping out., or if my penis is too small. So she said we should just have sex outside the shower. I was fine with that.

We then washed each other. I fingered her to get her to come before we had sex, finished the shower and dried off.

Then when having sex I made her come again. She wanted me to change condoms because she said the one I was using was dry. So I got another one out and she stopped me. I guess because she came twice or whatever.

She then was talking about how it is unfair that she came twice and I didn't get to. So she was going to give me a blowjob. I told her no, that it would taste like the condom(Those fire and ice ones) I then decided to just wash it off.

she tried and she is OK with her mouth nothing really special. I told her to use a little bit of teeth. She was using none at first like always which is nice but I like just a litttle teeth. She had it right at first then used a lot of teeth which hurt me. She then started jerking me. That was good but in the middle of that I guess she was going to fast or something and she hit my balls. Which as everyone knows hurts like a mother f***er.

Also we have been dating for 5 months and she has only made me come once. That was the first time we had sex about 3 weeks ago. (today was the second time...)

so my question is: Do I just suck in bed or am I too small or something? I feel like I am sexually inadequate or something.

The first time we had sex she clawed the f*** out of my back and sides, it took like 2 weeks for the marks to heal(she draw blood, but we didn't know that untill after I came which was after her) she had blood on her hands. So I mean from the sounds of it I can make her cum.

I have made her come many many times in these 5 months. From oral and fingers. When she was in school before the summer break she would come over my place everyday accept weekends( this was before I met her parents so I was a secret) and I would make her come like 2 or 3 time a day for the most part.

She is 18 now and I am 21. Our first time was my first time, but she has been with other guys before.
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Could you guys like give me a example or something xD I say this because I tried to tell her tonight, but like I said at first it was great but then she used too much teeth. I've had bllowjobs and handjobs before her so I know what I like from those. I've even done anal with a ex but she was the first girl I've had "actual sex" with. I love her and I'm not going to leave her,it's nice to actually get off from something other than me jerking myself everyonce in a while xD
Am I not good in bed?
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