Why does it feel weird after being fingered?

I'm a virgin and I let my boyfriend finger me but when he was doing it I felt lots of pressure and he was done I felt open I don't know how to explain that feeling and when I sat down it hurt and felt really sore ? Y did I feel that does it mean I'm not a virgin no more?


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  • Of course you're a virgin, being a virgin has nothing to do with the hymen or anything like that - it's to do with having sex. It's pretty ambiguous - but most people account themselves as a virgin until they've had full sex.

    It's not common to feel a little stretched and sore after your early sexual experiences, the first time I got fingered by a guy I felt pretty similar - and it's just your hymen being stretched, and maybe broken a bit or completely, and your body adJusting to new things, your vagina getting used to things being in there. When a guy touches you it's different than say if you've touched yourself.

    It's nothing to be worried about - maybe take a warm bath or some pain killer if the pain is bad, but really it should go away and get more comfortable.

    • Sorry - I meant it's not uncommon, I should really proof read.

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    • No, it doesn't have to bleed, but it can.

      It's very possible it's not broken and you've just been stretched. At the same time, it could be broken and you just didn't bleed, some girls don't. Either way - it will probably a little sore in a similar way the next couple of times it happens. At least it was for me.

    • Ok thanks for answering all my questions. :)

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  • of corse your still a virgin still lol its just where your new to it you should try and make it wet rather then dry as dry makes you sore use some lube or wather or if your OK with it spit so there's no friction boys can get pretty sore to if we masturbate dry

    • *water not wather

    • I'm embrassed 2 say this but he. Said I was wet and it was only for lik 20 min I didn't want 2 open my legs a lot

  • He may have fingered you to roughly maybe? And you may have lost some of it? But you are still a virgin until you have a penis inside of you. lol imo

    • O OK lol I thought I did and I keep my legs really close so he could do it with more fingers

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  • He probably tore your hymen, which is the ring of tissue that partially blocks the entrance to the vagina in a women, sometimes referred to 'popping your cherry', it's nothing to be worried about, although it may be slightly uncomfortable for you down there for a while. And to answer your other question, you are still a virgin, you don't loose your virginity from being fingered.

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