Girls why do you hate men who sleep around?

I am a man who sleeps with women. Its normal. Why would I be exespected to withhold my sexual erges? Recently I was hanging out with some friends and one of my friends new girl friends. We were all just talking guy talk. I am known to have a lot of sex and I was talking about a recent vacation. This girl just kept saying such disrespectful things to me. Calling me a manwhore/ or tool. I for the most part ignored her. I called her out on what she was saying but did not say anything back. don't want drama.

BTW this girl has slept around with a few of my friends that I know. I didn't bring it up. But she has no right to judge me.

So women are you intimiadated by a man who is sexually comfortable and active. I understand if you find it unattractive for a boyfriend, but I'm not trying to date or lie to anyone. I am myself at all times. I don't sleep with like any girl. Only women I'm attracted to.
Girls why do you hate men who sleep around?
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