Why are women so insensitive?

why are some women so insensitive about anything related to penis size? like they don't understand that when they are talking about it they basically have men's ego and confidence under their foot ready to be crushed.

or do you do it on purpose?


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  • Because it's culturally acceptable for women to mock men and be openly insensitive to them


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  • I think it's only the guys who are insecure about it who really care;

    Most girls on here don't really insult guys about it, it's more so the way men perceive how women talk about it. Several girls will say penis size doesn't matter, but one girl says she likes a bigger penis, and all hell breaks loose on the male side of things, because too many guys lack confidence.

    It's not like your suddenly less desirable if your penis ain't 12 inches or whatever - there's more to a man than his damn size. That's how I see it at least. There's too much focus on a male's size, like there's too much focus on a woman's shape; and it causes people to criticize themselves and feel like they don't measure up.

    It's crap honestly, and people need to quit letting the opinions of others effect them so much.

    I'm not perfect, I don't have huge breast, I don't have that hourglass figure, some men think I'm pretty some don't, I'm no fashionista -

    I'm far from the standards set for me, and I don't and probably won't ever measure up to them;

    But I'm not ashamed of that, because I'm totally comfortable with who I am :)

  • I'm not. I don't ever want that power over someone. I can't speak for everyone, but I'm really under the impression that the insecure are more insensitive towards themselves than most people are to them.

    In the same way that women tear apart their bodies and become overly sensitive about weight, height, size, width of random things, guys do too. It doesn't take much effort to offend someone who has spent enough time offending themselves.

  • I've nothing against tiny weiners, they look cute on kittens.

    And appropriate.

  • possibly to get back at men? we worry so much every single physical aspect of ourselves...skin, hair size shape... sometimes I think women try to get back at men because that's the only part of them they ever seem to care about. honestly though I'm not sure I'm never critical about that.

  • I would say that when women discuss small penises, it really is on purpose. A bit like a dude saying "make me a sammich bitch". I don't have a problem with small cocks, fun can be had. Men are the ones that really worry about it.

  • its just something that we have a leg up on.

    Some women are b!itches. And b!tches will be b!tches. Nothing is going to change.

    • and I take it you are one, good to know

    • i didn't say that I do it.

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  • Women think that men are sensitive about their penis size. While many men are...not all of them are and they will just use it on all men because they figure it will work (which is of course... immature)...after all...if a woman does not want to be made fun of (breast size etc..) why should she do the same to a guy (hypocrites?)

  • Why do you care? If they don't prefer what you have, kick them to the curb and find a better woman.

  • Big or small it dosn`t matter, important only a good "working" of the penis.

  • Because they're the 'empathetic' gender? Because if they ran the world there'd be no war or hunger?

    dunno. false advertisement?

    • empathetic my ass



      you get it.

      Some guys come off all high and mighty like they can't even fit into their own pants.

    • That's the conventional wisdom.

  • Not all guys live and die by the size of their cock. Most are more mature in their thinking.

    • I think that's nonsense. I think the core of the man's being is what he has between his legs, going far back into childhood.

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    • lol much more educated people than I, who have studied and mastered psychology, agree with me, but whatever.

    • We've moved on from Freud actually.