Boyfriend lied about being a virgin?

Okay so, long story short.

Me and my boyfriend have been together for about a month now. When we first met he told me he was still a virgin, and that he was happy about the fact that I was a virgin too. And that we could ''explore'' things together.

So, to the question.

Yesterday he told me this:

''Ummm yeah about the whole virginity thing...''

And then he tells me he's not a virgin anymore and before me, he was together with a 26 (?!) year old woman. (he is 19, I'm 16 soon 17.)

Now I'm kind of comparing myself to that 26 year old all the time, I can't get it off my mind that he actually lied to me about it.

I mean, I would've understood if he told me about her, but no, he liked to keep it as a secret.

And I wouldn't want to talk to him about it anymore, because I don't want to seem jealous or in any kind of way childish, since he were with a older woman and I now feel like he could be a babysitter for me. I know it sounds complicated, but could you please help me out a bit. I don't know what to do, have you ever been in a situation like this? Am I overreacting?

And guys, why do you think he lied to me about it? Would you ever lie to your Girlfriend like this?

I'm desperate for help!.

And I would like to have serious answers not just one work answers, please :)
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And by the way. I am still a virgin. I have not had sex with my Bf.
Boyfriend lied about being a virgin?
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