Girls: Would this be a deal breaker when deciding to date a guy?

So here's the deal. I don't know why, but somehow I always end up being liked by girls who aren't exactly the type you'd bring home to meet your parents. Anyway, I just hate the drama/lies/crap that comes with girls like that, so I rarely end up dating them, even if I am attracted to them.

I've been in the same situation for years, and in reality it bothers me that I'm a virgin. At 21 and a half years old. I've just been so immersed in school for the last 6 years that dating never really came up. I don't regret those 6 years, hell, I'm graduating Vet school in October at 21, that's quite an accomplishment and I feel proud of myself, but I'm young... I want to have fun... I want to chase girls, date, etc. I hate feeling like I'm going to look back on my life someday and think I wasted my most precious years.

And being a virgin is always on the back of my mind, especially when I'm in social situations. It sucks and I hate feeling like this, and I hate it even more knowing that I have gotten girls to like me that me and other guys think are on a league of their own. I just think if a girl finds out that I'm a virgin it's going to be such a turn off that I'm going to lose all my chances with her.

So anyhow, what would think if you met a guy like myself who will be turning 22 and is STILL a virgin? Would that be a turn off or would you look past it? What do you think a girl that has had many sexual partners would do if she found out?
Girls: Would this be a deal breaker when deciding to date a guy?
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