I really miss him and want to talk to him:(

Okay so I dated this guy for a month.. everything was fine, we were going to have sex but I said no last minute because I didn't know if I wanted to really lose my virginity so fast. But he fingered me and I bled a lot.. like a lot. We didn't notice I bled until the end. His bed sheets were covered and we both washed them. I felt like we were married.. And the bed sheets were stained, kind of gross but no one ever uses that bed so those sheets will probably never be washed because his mom doesn't know I was at his house. Doesn't this mean anything to a guy? Like won't he think of me every time he goes into that room?.. He was okay with the fact that I said no to sex, but it felt as if he got a little mad.. but I don't blame him, that's a tease. After that, he dropped me off to the bus stop and waited for me to get on the bus. I really like him.. we were going to the movies later that night, but something came up so he couldn't go. He didn't text me that night or the next day, so I decided to see if he had been on Facebook at all that day.. he was on Facebook. I commented on a picture of us kissing and 5 minutes later he deleted that picture. I got mad and called him. He said that we were flexing, and he doesn't think it will go any further.. but I understood that because he is a rapper and thinks a lot about his career.. As I brought up the sex part, he said if we had sex he would have thought of me differently.. we got off the phone and I was really mad. We didn't talk for a week, and I missed him so much so I texted him. He said he wasn't the right guy for me, and had moved on to "another girl" which I know is not true..he said he thought I was done with him because I didn't text him at all that week. But the truth is, he blocked me on MSN the night I called him AND he told one of his friends he was done with me even before I called him. I really truly miss him and so I texted him after a month, on Canada day. I said hey, and he never replied...I really miss him and want to talk to him:(
I really miss him and want to talk to him:(
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