Why does my girlfriend want to be watched while we have sex?

When me and my girlfriend have sex she always wants to have the blinds open and the lights on, even at night. Does this turn girls on when your not sure if people are watching you or not? Our bed faces a large window and she likes to position herself facing the window while she rides me and makes her boobs bounce like crazy. She is a pretty skinny girl with D cups so it is pretty visual from outside. Also recently we have been have a lot of sex outside by our pool and even on the diving board in broad daylight. When outside I usually just pull my shorts down a little but she always takes everything off of her even when she is up riding me.. We do have a privacy fence but most of our neighbors have two story homes. and can see our pool anyway. My girlfriend is 24 and I am 25, is this normal for a girl this age? We have been dating about 8 months now. I am not complaining at all about this situation. I am just curious to know am I the only one with a girl like this? does the mystery is someone watching us a big turn on for girls? because my other friends never seem to talk about things like this.
Why does my girlfriend want to be watched while we have sex?
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