Did this guy completely turn off because I wouldn't sleep with him after our date? why was he acting like this?

Went on this first date with this guy, to this beach bar in greece. He treated me so well, was such a gentleman, sweet guy, he was always checking I was OK, wanting me to sit close to him, always looking into my eyes and smiling, asking me questions about myself, giving me so many compliments, stroking my hair, buying me whatever, offered to drive me back to where I was staying, planning stuff for us to do tomorrow, he was so caring and kind and we seemed to have a lot of chemistry. He did want to hold my hand for practically the whole second half of the date, but I didn't mind because it just felt so nice and right.

Anyway after the date, he was driving me back to the hotel I was working/ staying at, he tried it on in the car , he asked me if I wanted to have sex with him ( I shook my head because I wasn't too sure, as much as I liked him I wasn't really ready for this), he asked me after he had touched me up probably because I didn't want to touch him back in that place and then he got these condoms out to show me and was like "dont worry we can use these"--?. I think he had brought them seconds before our date, because on the way driving to the beach bar he wanted to stop at this shop, I thought it was weird because he didn't come out with any bags or anything and when I asked him what he had brougt he just said "ill show you later". I just shook my head when he showed me them and he was like well what do you want to do then, so I said just kiss so we just kissed for a bit.

I'm not angry because at least he asked me/respected my views, he didn't really force me into anything. I mean I didn't realize he was going to touch me up in the car, he was just rubbing my leg, but then started getting closer and closer, I couldn't really stop him and then he pulled over.

So after that incident in his car, he seemed completly uniterested in me for the rest of the drive. No more smiling, talking, I don't think he even looked at me, touched my hair or wanted to hold my hand, everything was gone. he just gave really short answers - it was like he was a completly different person.

He even said I should just get the bus when we drove past the stop and offered to pay.

He was just staring straight ahead, with his bottom lip stuck out. in that pout.

was he dissapointed?

I thought we got on really well earlier, what's gone wrong?

Did this guy completely turn off because I wouldn't sleep with him after our date? why was he acting like this?
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