What does it mean when a guy cums fast & and when it takes awhile?

I was told that if a guy cums fast he has not had sex recently. And if it takes him awhile he has had sex? I was just curious?


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  • It's much more complex than that! To share some experiences...

    In my 20s, I came quite fast. Mostly before my partner, which left her quite dissatisfied!

    After having kids (like in many cases), the situation changed. Earlier it was sex every night. After not getting sex for many days together (sometimes weeks ... small kids, liable to get up in the middle of the night etc), I had to depend a lot on masturbation for relief.

    This kind of maybe desensitised me ... making my orgasms very delayed.

    Some of my friends complain of coming within just two minutes! They are probably premature ejaculators. In my case, I could go on for 20-30-40 minutes...especially if your partner isn't very enthusiastic... which can be a bit of a problem too.

    Read more about male anaorgasm link

    So you cannot come to a hasty conclusion...

    If I masturbated recently, I might take longer to cum. But not in all cases...


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  • These are generalizations, and only apply to a guy compared to his normal "average" anyway. There are always exceptions.

    I wouldn't read too much into just this.

    • What are the "exceptions" and what do you mean by "compared to his normal"?

    • I mean, let's say a guy lasts 10 minutes on average, meaning 80-90% of the time, he's going to be in the 8-12 minute range. That's his "normal". "Normal" will be different for each guy.

      Now, with that said, if he only lasts 3 minutes or less, that's "fast" for him. And if he lasts 20+ minutes, that's "long" for him.

      Guys can go "fast" because they haven't had sex in a while, or because they're super-turned-on. And they can go "long" because they are distracted or stressed, (cont)

    • because they are concentrating so that they can enjoy sex longer, because they are drunk or high, or because they just recently had an orgasm.

      The thing is, you can't know which reason is THE reason unless you ask (and get a truthful answer). Trying to guess based on the symptom is usually going to result in an incorrect guess.

  • i think it s according to the person and how experienced is the man ,well I can go for 10 minutes and that s because I penetrate then I stop for a minute to have a forplay ,wihch is very stimulative to the women and on the other hand it s elongating the period

    but I really think if some one was off for 20 days ,semen will accumulate and of course a man will ejaculate faster and t s according to the women too and how the chemistry between them

  • A guy gets a boner and it sends a signal to his testicles to produce semen. The more calls to fire he gets, the more semen is produced. If he didn't think of sex all day then no calls to fire would have come down the pipe (pun not intended) and thus he wouldn't have that big of a jimmy wiggly pool.

    Other factors that influence this is stress, smoking, eating habits, alcohol, etc. Beans and tuna help produce more of the stuff semen is made of. Alcohol and other foods have the opposite effect.

    If he rubs one off before you guys meet to take the edge off, then his second time around might last longer. It might take a guy 20-30 minutes to prep for another launch.

  • Ever think maybe he, you know, *jacked off* in those two months?

    • He swears up and down that he doesn't "jack-off". I'm not stupid nor am I nieve. But certain events that occured before points to cheating.

    • Well this isn't one of them

  • no. If he comes fast, he's really excited to be having sex.

    • ok so what does it mean when it takes him awhile?

    • That he's not as excited just to be having sex. He's not desperate.

  • Yes that can be true..but it is not just that simple...ur responders have given you good answers

    • What exactly can be true? the theory I was told?

    • Yes...if I have not had sex for awhile than I will come harder and faster and with a bigger load...actually it is just the same as if you went twice in a row...takes me longer to come...maybe don't get as hard and much smaller load of course...but...there can be other factors...for instance if I have taken sudafed..will have problems getting it up and keeping it up..will take longer to come and will not come very hard..

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  • How long it takes a guy to orgasm depends on a lot of things:

    - his stamina

    - how aroused he is

    - how pleasurable it feels

    - the type of stimulation he's getting

    - mood, stress, pressure to perform, etc.

    - how long it has been since he last orgasmed

    - age

    - diet

    - alcohol or drug use

    - etc.

    Since there are so many different factors, I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that he has or hasn't had sex recently.

  • My ex had a masterbation problem and cheated a lot. When HE wanted to have sex it would last forever and he would only come a little. If he's not the cheating type you may just excite him a lot and its hard for him to control if he cums fast, but if a guy can last forever and you two aren't having a lot of sex...he's either touching himself on the regular and controlling it or getting some on the side.

    • yes. I definatley think he cheated. Because he came home an out of the blue just wanted to have sex. and prior to that we had not done anything in maybe 2 months. if not more. An 4 as long as it was he should of came within seconds. And he sure did not. :(

    • I'm sorry you are going through this girl...remember that you aren't the problem...if a guy is in a relationship and there are problems with the sex on his end, he's got issues he needs to work out. It was always weird for me with my ex because when we hadn't had sex for awhile he would last forever...guys build stamina. Mine did it mostly with p*rn and masterbation, which I think is just as bad as cheating if it becomes regular while he's neglecting you in the bedroom. Keep your head up:)

    • Thank you. We've been married for 2 1/2 years now. An he swears up an down that he doesn't masterbate. But yet he gets super defensive about it. Like to yelling point.

  • So my husband sometimes cheats on me because he cums fast sometimes but other times he takes a while

  • No, I was with a manwhore for a while and he came fast every time. And he was sleeping with 2-5 women at once and had been having sex for like 12 years.