If a guy wants to go on vacation with you, does he expect/want sex?

This guy I am friendly with said that we should take a vacation together while I'm single. We aren't like best friends or brother and sister close type of relationship. He probably wants to have sex with me then, am I right?


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  • Not necessarily, he might just want to have a good shot at developing something between you two. You spent so much time together when you're on vocation that you get so many opportunities to make a move, and they don't have to be sexual. He definitely wants something out of it whether it be just sex or a relationship, no one really knows except him. If he has always been that "nice guy" then I think he just wants to have a relationship, but just doesn't know any other way to get you interested.

    • Well it isn't platonic though, right?

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    • A few months.

    • A few months is way too short for it to be platonic. 99% sure he wants a shot at you (again it doesn't have to be sexual). Are you going to go?

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  • I don't know if he wants casual sex from you or if he wants a relationship, but if he wants to go on vacation just the two of you, I would guess he wants something. And if you don't, I would expect a very expensive, very uncomfortable vacation.

    If your friend is a nice-guy, he's definitely looking for more than a friendship and is hoping that this vacation will seal the deal. Every nice-guy makes the mistake of thinking that he can be promoted from friend to boyfriend if he' s a good enough friend. Of course, that doesn't work, but they think that way because it would work for a guy.

    Men don't have well-defined, inescapable friend zones. Liking a woman as a friend doesn't make her any less attractive as a girlfriend. In fact, the opposite is true. If she's attractive and has a cool personality why wouldn't I want to give that a shot. Personally, I think our way of thinking makes more sense, but I admit that I'm biased.

  • It might not be his goal, but if you jump him he probably won't say no.

  • it depends are you to flirty with each other or in a sexual relationship

    • Kinda flirty, yeah, and he has told me he finds me attractive. But we are not in any kind of sexual relationship but he did stress the "while I'm single" part

    • okayy well if your not ready than make that clear before you go and talk to him see what he thinks

  • Unfortunately, most guys look at sex as a "free meal" kind of thing. I know hardly anyone who would refuse it if they got the opportunity!

    Once they pick up signals (even if that's not what you intended), it can be tough to change their mind...


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  • While you are single, he can mean that you both can party...you could help him pick up girls...

    you should have said why while I am single?

    If you have a boyfriend you probably won't travel with him so it can be just a friend thing...You should have notice on his face and tone of voice...

    • I don't think he means that I can help him pick up girls based on how he said it. Besides he can do that on his own.