My period smells really BAD - I don't know what to do. How do I use a tampon?

I can't hide the smell every time I shower I clean out down there it still stinks. I wear the scented kind of pads. I haven't learned to put a tampon on (it would be nice if I can have some tips on that to thanks ^^) I don't know how to cause that stench to go away. How do I hide the smell. I don't drink a lot of pop I drink water, I eat healthy but why? thank you! Also how do I put a tampon on?


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  • -Sit or stand in a comfortable position. Some women prefer to place one leg on the toilet seat or tub, while others prefer to squat down. After you find a position that is most comfortable for you, hold the tampon with the fingers that you write with. Hold the middle of the tampon, at the spot where the smaller, inner tube inserts into the larger, outer tube. Make sure the string is visible and pointing away from your body.

    -With your other hand, open the labia (the folds of skin around the vaginal opening) and position the tampon in the vaginal opening.

    -Gently push the tampon into the opening, aiming for the small of your back. Stop when your fingers touch your body and the applicator, or outer tube, is completely inside the vagina.

    -Once the applicator or outer tube is inside of you, use your index finger to push the inner tube (the tube where the removal string is visible) through the outer tube. This pushes the tampon into the vagina.

    -Once the inner tube is all the way in, use your thumb and middle finger to remove the applicator or outer tube. Make sure that the string hangs outside of the vaginal opening.

    Using a mirror may help and a small amount of vaginal lubricant on the end of the tampon may also make it less painful.

    There is a brand called femfresh - which makes sprays and whipes friendly for the genital are which are helpful with smells. Washing with water regulay is good - but don't put it inside the vagina. Wearing a tampon should also reduce the smell as blood isn't actually exiting the vagina.

    It might be worth getting yourself checked out for a yeast infection just incase - because it can leave a stronger odor during periods. It's nothing to be worried about and completely common.


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  • The smell could be caused by sweating. And also, when you think about it, the stuff that comes out on your pad is going to smell once it hits the air, it is a bodily fluid.

    I've been using tampons for years and I love them. You can't tell your wearing them and it makes having your period a lot easier. My advice is to wear tampons instead of pads.

    I would suggest buying tampons with a plastic applicator, and since you haven't worn them before I would recommend either light or regular tampons. My favorite brands are tampax pearl and playtex sport.

    there are directions on how to insert a tampon inside the box.

    It's also unhealthy to wear a tampon for over 8-9 hours so always keep a spare with you.

  • heatherlu explains how to use it well. Just so you know though pulling it out the first few times hurts especially if it isn't completely full. It goes away though after two or three times.

    About the smell, I would go to the doctor. Scent can be and indicator of infection. It may be nothing but it wouldn't hurt to double check.

  • Buy a box of plastic tampons don't get cardboard! there are instructions with visuals they actually help! and having sex can affect smell...

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