Is being sexual with strippers considered cheating?

if the girlfriend already knows you're going to the strip club?

my girlfriend does, and she never asks what happened, she doesn't like to talk about it. that's fine. I've never gone out and found a girl and cheated with her, but I have touched strippers a lot and I got a bj in VIP once (recently).

the touching is allowed in private shows and VIP at the places I go to and obviously when she's giving me a lapdance, I'm gonna touch her. I've spanked stripper while she wiggled her ass, legs spread wide open, face down on my lap. good times, harmless touching. little things like that, squeezing boobs and what not but I have also licked and sucked on a strippers nipples. I've also had strippers let me touch their p******, rub them, and slide my fingers in there. one let me eat her out.

theres one girl I really love, she's hot and nasty, she knows how to grind on me, she works the pole well, and she lets me touch her p**** and rub it, do anything I want basically as long as I tip her very well.

bachelor parties with strippers can be crazy too.

i don't see it as cheating because my girlfriend lets me to go the strip club and I think she knows what happens with your bring money like I do.

i love my girlfriend, but I'm just looking opinions on this.
Is being sexual with strippers considered cheating?
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