I threw up on my boyfriend and am really embarrassed

ok..so I was giving a blowjob for the first time and while doing it I kinda threw up on my boyfrind..and I hv been really embarassed since then and I certainly dnt think that I am in a position to give another one..cause I know he will still ask for it...although he made me feel fine by saying it didn't matter at all that I threw up..but it does matter to me

how can I prevent to NOT to throw up and at d same time make him happy?


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  • Please don't feel embarrassed - you know, I'm not gay at all but if I would be, I'd honestly not know how to do it myself properly - I'm sure most guys if they had to do it wouldn't be able to do it right the first times either :)

    It's probably the gag reflex when you're pressing his tip against the back of your throat. What you can try is use your tongue to control how deep he goes in for a while - also so you can relax yourself (and your mouth) and eventually enjoy it as well. It's also for him better if you take it slowly in while using your tongue. When you're giving a blowjob, remember you're in control, so use that to not rush yourself.

    PS. You seem to have a decent guy if he tells you not to worry about it :)

    • Omg thank you!

      You've really helped. DUnno why I was actaully smiling while reading whatever you had written

      THanks again :)

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    • Listen.

      I did it! Without throwing up!


    • Heheh - well congratulations! If ever I turn bi (which won't happen) I know who to turn to now eh? :p

      hope you liked it as much as he did :)

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  • First of all, it happens all the time. My guess is you're allowing the **** too far in the back of your throat, which sets off the gag reflex.

    Next time, not so much, okay? At least not until you've trained yourself to deep throat.

  • Did you try to take it too deep? Or are you just grossed out by doing it?

    Why did you throw up?

    By the way, this is a little bit funny. Not to you, I'm sure, but I grinned a little.

    • Lol

      I didn't throw up because of de grossed out part..

      guess I took it too deep

  • You shouldn't have stopped. You should have just tried to do it better the next time instead by doing is slower and taking it in your mouth not as deep. To make up for that you could just suck harder up and down as you do him until you gradually learn to take him deeper and deeper. Practice makes perfect. Main thing is to keep up the sucking because that really gets to a guy. My girlfriend literally sucks me off!


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  • Don't deep throat and you won't gag. Deep throating is not how real people do blowjobs anyway, it's just a p*rn thing, though unfortunately some of these extreme p*rno acts seem to be "rubbing off" on the mainstream these days. The throat has a lot of delicate parts that are used for swallowing or speech -- it's not built for f***ing. Plus oral sex should be enjoyable for everyone :)

  • Well the question is, what actually made you throw up? Did you gag yourself? Or did he finish inside of your mouth and the taste made you throw up? I've never really heard of this, but the best advice I could give would be to take it slow next time. Maybe just lick the shaft and give him a hand job at the same time and suck on the head instead of deep throating it. But I would go ahead and do it again. Sorry for your embarassment. Hope this helps!

  • BREATH THREW UR NOSE... I have gag reflex too But I can go pretty deep now bcuz every time I feel like ima throw up I just breath through my noise so I don't make choking noises or gagging noises. Well it helps me A lot and My boyfriend LOVES me giving him head he says he goes to heaven LOL hahaha

  • If he told you not to worry, don't. Try taking only the tip in your mouth and using your hand on the shaft.