Why, to some guys, is it important to take a girls virginity?

Why, to some guys, is it important to take a girls virginity?

Is it bad thing to some guys if a chick is a virgin or what...

what do you think about virginity in general, etc.

you can expand this question and say whatever

& females have your speak


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  • The concept of taking a girls virginity is pretty basic.

    The girl has innocence. She is safe. She won't judge. along with it being sometimes a "trophy"

    Guys like it sometimes because it means she will remember him, wether bad or good experiences. she will remember him.

    A side plus that some guys like - They get to teach her :)

    Contrary - Virgins suck because the guy have to put work into it to make her good at it (not my view, but some guys see it that way)


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  • I am very glad to see all the insightful answers to this question. I learn a lot, thank you.

    Below are my thoughts which both boys and girls can consider.

    For guys :

    Do you like your wife to COMPARE you with all her ex-sex-mates ? And come up with a full-length evaluation behind your back ?

    Do you want to be the only person your wife has ever have sex with ?

    For girls :

    Ever wonder why you have a hymen and guys don't have it ? Are you trying to tell me the Creator (evolutionist, that's fine, just use "evolve") is an inefficient, stupid Being when "it" creates a "useless" hymen for ladies ? I am not a religionist but common senses tells me that the degree of intelligence in the design of life, or living beings (from alligators to zebras) deserves to be respected, and appreciated.

    Virginity is unimportant for those who have lost it before finding a husband. They can argue all they want, and come up with "I am intelligent, highly educated, cultured, compassionate, full of whatever life experiences...", but any virgin can acquire all these fine things (yes, they are important) in life, and make her husband proud by letting him know that he is the ONLY person she has ever had sex with, and honor that committment. Any worthwile man would treasure such a wife.

    For those who have lost their virginity and argue that virginity is unimportant, I ask them this question, "Do you still prefer wearing nth-hand shoes, or underwears if you can afford to buy new ones ?"

  • People have all kinds of judgments about virgins while some like them others get turned off by them. Depends on the guy's thought process.

  • It is totally hot and sexy if she has no idea what she is doing, and she is excited about the discovery of it all.

    That's why virgins are hot.

  • A girl's virginity is a trophy for some guys. She only has it once, so it's uncommon for a guy to get it, because most of the time one guy ends up taking 10 girls virginity or something, so the average joe never usually gets a shot.


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  • the guys who want to take a girls virginity are the ones who like it... they want to be the first ones in the girl... other guys don't like that because they are affraid of how attached the girl might get to them because they are the girls first

    i think virginity is a choice... if you are one good for you, if you aren't one good for you, but if you are a slut and sleep around with everyone then you have some issues

    i personally am still a virgin but I don't think people who aren't a virgin are any better or any worse that me, it's their choice... what is I don't like is when a girl has so little respect for herself that she will sleep with anyone, that's just sad

  • Kayne got it all right. I think it's wrong how A lot of guys consider taking A girl's virginity A competition... it's wrong.

  • Yes I think virginity is important, its something special you share between two people if one is not virgin its still special and shared between both people. They choice to give you there virginity what's more special then that? Maybe in a magic land people save there virginity for marriage but that doesn't happen a lot does it?

    So I've had one boyfriend before my current boyfriend, I lost my virginity to my first boyfriend, I only let him have sex with me because no other guy seemed intrested in me at the time, and I was curious, it was something new, I wasn't in love with him either. Now now I'm with my 2nd boyfriend, I wish I waited to give my current boyfriend my virginity because now I know I am in love I know we'll last forever and we're both in love, he gave me his virginity so I find that really special. I hate the fact I gave my virginity to a guy who didn't care about me deep down, I still feel angry at that.

    Do you like your wife to COMPARE you with all her ex-sex-mates ? And come up with a full-length evaluation behind your back ? Do woman want there men to have loads of ex girlfriends? Think about it in the animal kingdom do dogs have sex with one person all there life?

    Do you want to be the only person your wife has ever have sex with ? Yes I know its not a nice thought thinking about who your other half has been with but it happens, and they gain sexual experience from this but open your eyes this is 2009, don't date a slut date a girl that's respectable. Simple I don't like men who sleep around and have loads a different sexual partners it puts me off them, and yes I think its fine to have one or two girls before me its 2009 some girls are never going to be his first and vice versa!

    Oh and by the way hymen breaks with tampons or horse hiding or whatever when you masturbate as a young girl, it doesn't mean its just for men. and I don't think its put there for a reason what so ever.

    The vagina is a hole, its never been touched and nothings been inserted big enough to break the hymen all the way up to 14 years old to when a girl masturbates or whatever happens, something big enough gos inside her! I think if something in your body didn't work it would be rusty sort of thing, if your leg was cut off, and you put a new leg on it would take a while for the blood to travel through properly, do you get my point?

    And also I think sex is important and so is virginity but you can't compare that with a second hand pair of shoes "authentic" or underwear, what an asshole, we are human with feelings, why is this all on girls what about guys does a girl want a guy whose a whore?

    wake up you fool

    Yeah I know I'm a girl answering this but cmon?

  • Well at least when I told my guy that I was virgin I saw in his eyes that it was new to him and he was a little freaked out. Maybe some guys, who does it more often, like it, but most doesn't think about it. I guess. I don't know. But in my case the guy freaked out.