Moaning while kissing

A guy I've been 'kind of' seeing recently usually heavy breathes/makes little moaning noises after only a couple of minutes of that usual? Most other guys I've been with haven't been so expressive and vocal just from making out? What would it take for you guys to start making noises?


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  • It's probably just his thing. I'm quite silent, and I've had girls call me on it.

    • Would it be because of his attraction to me or just his style in general? Thanks for replying :-)

    • Most likely, a bit of both.

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  • There's also the chance that he doesn't know how to circular breathe and he just starts huffing to get air because you take his breath away, which is not a bad thing at all.

    I'd say its probably a combination of both to an extent though

    • Haha, I take his breath away?! Ah thank you :-)!

  • dats weird. I've personally always left the noise makin to da gurl

    • Do the majority of men stay quiet? Maybe I haven't worded it that well..its not like he's screaming like a! the moaning itself is normal, its just the fact it happens very early on in the kissing stage!!

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    • I definitely think he's genuinely doing I presume he is very turned on..he must just be a highly sexed guy who gets turned on very easily methinks!!

    • Den...ENJOY!

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  • Haha. my boyfriend moans a little. I think its funny. and it helps me know he's feeling good and I'm turning him on.