Different types of orgasms, peeing, and squirting?

1)) I learned how to get myself off with fingers instead of using a vibrator, and I can actually do it pretty fast. I used to worry that I would only be able to climax with my vibrator and a guy wouldn't be able to make me climax (No one ever has, but they weren't so good at what they did, and I haven't been with that many guys, I'm not that type of girl). But now that I realized I can orgasm with fingers alone, does this mean a guy will be able to get me off?

2) The idea of peeing kind of turns me on. I don't know why but while I masturbate, imagining that he's making me pee when I orgasm helps me climax better even though if I release any liquid it is not a noticeable amount, and I don't even pee when I climax. If you release some liquid during orgasm will you definitely feel it?

3) When I finger my G spot alone it feels somewhat good but definitely not enough to make me come. When I finger my clit alone I can come. But when I do both at once, it is extremely intense and gives me the most pleasure and a more intense orgasm. Does this mean that I won't be able to come during sex without someone rubbing my clit? Last time he didn't and I didn't orgasm..but since it was my first time having sex it just hurt a lot anyway.

4) My orgasms are extremely mental when I masturbate. If I'm not focusing hard enough and telling myself certain things are actually happening and that it's him (whoever I'm fantasizing about) on my body, I can't seem to orgasm no matter how hard I rub etc. But when I imagine it is him and let my mind wander, I can climax quite easily. Is this typical for a female?
Different types of orgasms, peeing, and squirting?
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