My boyfriend gave me chlamydia...

I guess this is more-so asking for just reassurance than advice since the only advice to really give is "take your medicine". Anyway, I've been having issues with yeast infections and crap for months, I've been with my boyfriend for about 3 months. I was going to the doctor's and stuff and getting pelvic exams, all STD tests would come back negative, so I know I didn't go into the relationship with anything. He and I ALWAYSSSS used condoms before my last test. Then after that time when everything was cleared up there was one time that we didn't use a condom because my period had just ended the day before so it's not like I was fertile yet, plus he pulled out. (and I'm on BC) Anyway... I had more issues later on in that area. I was convinced that I'm allergic to latex so I went to the gyno, he agreed with that and said everything looked okay since I haven't had sex in over a week and it's probably just an allergy.

A week later, today, I get a call from the office with "bad news", that I've contracted chlamydia. I was literally in shock. Like I don't even know what to think. I called my boyfriend to tell him and talk to him, I never had any concern that he could possibly be cheating on me, I literally have seen him almost every single day for the past 3 months. No exaggeration. Even if he wanted to cheat he would have to be a wizard to find the time. Besides, he's not even the player type, at 22 years old he's only been with 4 women- and used a condom every single time which confuses the hell out of me.

I was calm about it at first trying not to play the blame game then I sort of lost it... I couldn't keep my cool anymore and I started crying and telling him he did this to me and I couldn't believe he could let this happen. I even asked if he was clean before we started having sex, he said yes. He's a hemophiliac so they test his blood every 6 months for all kinds of crap and being f***ing retarded he thought that was a full STD panel and didn't realize there was a swab test.

How do you not know that?

I know it's not his fault, I know he didn't cheat, but at the same time I feel like so disgusting and so angry... how am I supposed to get past this? I really do love him and I don't want to lose him over this.
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My boyfriend gave me chlamydia...
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