How do I make myself squirt?

my boyfriend wants my to squirt wile he's eating me out how do I do it pleas help

how do I know if I can what can I do to try it now


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  • First off let me say that I commend you for wanting to do this for him, it shows a certain level of special care you have for your man.

    Contrary to what everybody here may tell you, you ARE able to squirt, all woman can squirt, you just have to find the right method that works for you.

    First, you can't be to tense, if you are to nervous and are actually "trying" to squirt it probably won't happen and you may end up peeing on him instead. You have to be calm and be enjoying the feeling of him pleasuring you in the moment. So step one is: enjoy yourself, don't force it.

    Second, "he" has to be the one with the right technique or it won't work. If he is simply pumping away at you with his fore & middle fingers, than he's doing it wrong. Although it maybe weird or uncomfortable for you two, I would try sit down with him and google "how to make a girl squirt". There is tons of info online about the correct motions and what you need to do. This could really act as a bonding experience for you two, since he is trying to do something that will because you pleasure and you want to please him by doing it for him. So step 2 is: be informed, the right technique is key.

    Last but not least, if you fail, don't be discouraged, just try again next time. If you find that you've done your homework, you're relaxed and you attempt to do it but it doesn't happen, don't give up. These things take time and this indeed a learning experience for both you and him. So lastly step 3 is: take things slowly, good things come to those who wait.

    PS: Don't try to do it maybe more than 2-3 times in one session, you would end up causing your kitty to become very sore from trying to much.


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  • Well, during oral, he's going to have to be using his fingers, too. Two fingers with the come hither motion on the Gspot at the right time will do it. But, not everyone can do it.


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  • There's no trick.

    You can either do it or you can't. : \

    • @ update - usually when you have a big enough orgasm it just happens. I ended up doing it one time and there wasn't even vaginal intercourse involved at all. My best friend has an amazing sex life, but she's never squirted so.

      Just figure out what makes you climax the strongest, and see how intense you can gasm. Maybe it'll happen?

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    • Lol well that's probably better. Squirt fluid isn't as much and enticing like urine :P

    • <3<3<3=D

  • I don't know if every woman can. I never got an orgasm when I was with a guy, only alone, and though many are very intense I don't think I "squirted" but I think I did secrete some liquid so I don't know.

    I hear it is more likely to happen with a G spot orgasm.

  • theres no trick. some women can do it and some cant. personally I squirt and gush with every orgasm. my guy wants me to gush all over him too while he eats me out and he LOVES it. there's no trick sweetie I'm sorry