Do I love him or is it just lust?

There is this guy who hurts my feelings I felt he used me for sex but I can't stop thinking about him. He verbally abused me and said no one would want to date me. Now I can't stop thinking about him I have a hard time sleeping at night and when I found out he had a girlfriend my heart sank, but on the flip side I think about kissing him but I tell him all the time that I want to get to know him non sexually and he ask me for sex even though he told me he has a girlfriend. My friend thinks it is lust


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  • You sound like someone I know.


    • so what do I do to fix it?

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    • So you mean in a nice way that either way I am screwed. I'm straight but at this point I don't trust men. Trying to find another guy won't help. Because I feel nroken down

    • Fraid so.

      As you're feeling down, you can add me if you want. Can chat about it.

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  • it is just attachment not love


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