Are you bi curious but won't act on it?

I find myself looking at p*rn that includes guys masturbating, or shemales/ladyboys, or even guys together. I know that I'd like to try some of these things, but I think I never will. I did a little experimentation when I was younger, but I'm married now. I hint at things, but my wife has no interest. I read Craig's List ads, but I'm scared to meet a stranger. I'm not looking for a romantic relationship -- I have no emotional interest in guys, just a sexual curiosity, yet I think I'd like to meet a guy I'm "compatible" with. I have thought about Omegle, but that seems like a random video thing, and probably populated by straight guys.

I guess I'm not sure what I'm looking for, but whatever it is seems like fantasy only. Are there others who think they'd like to be with someone of their gender, but also (because of family, friends, marriage, religion, homophobia) think they never will? If so, please explain why.

  • No thanks -- I'm straight and have no interest
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  • No, I think about it/watch bi p*rn, but have no interest in doing it
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  • I'm bi and I plan to act on it one day. I just haven't had an opportunity. I wish I could. I come off as straight and I look at lesbian p*rn all the time. When I was younger, it was just fantasy but now that I'm older, I want to make it a reality for myself. It's a bit hard for me because I live at home with family and its a pretty religious family. But I plan to move out soon and who knows.

    I think you should maybe so on a business trip or travel on your own and go to a gay bar and see what happens. That way you can see who you want to hook up with and make sure to use a condom. Or make a friend at the bar and get tested together and promise to hook up afterward and have a one night stand and have that be it to appease your curiosity. U're lucky because most gay male hookups can operate on a purely sexual level with no intention of romance.

    • Thank you for BA :) I feel like we are definitely in the same boat but I hope one day you get to fulfill all your fantasies because you deserve to be happy.

    • Thank you...

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  • Curious for sure. And I think it would be really neat to experiment a little bit but as of right now, that's not a reality for me. I am totally OK with not experimenting but it'd definitely be an experience that I would be open to.

    I think that the majority of people probably have "What if" thoughts about these things (yes, even the most homophobic people out there). Its a touchy subject for a lot of people but if it is something that you really want to do, you should at least have the oportunity to give it a try. Either it's going to be fun and you'll enjoy it but not be interested in doing it again or it'll have been an experiment that shows what your true preference is in terms of sexuality.


  • I feel sorry for your wife to have a man who looks at men p*rn and thinks about other men, I know you put religion as an option focus on it.

    • Huh? I didn't put religion as an 'option'... I listed it as a reason someone might be inhibited. Something that causes you to be inhibited isn't the same as being an option. Religion doesn't take the place of sexuality or vice versa.

  • Yes, haven't acted on it but probably will someday.

  • i am a bisexual virgin. I haven't acted on anything, but I will someday soon. I love girls. I only recently came to terms with my sexuality a couple years ago. I spend a few years since high school thinking about it and figuring out how I feel about women. You don't have to f*** people to figure out how you feel about them. That's not directed toward you. I'm just saying it's annoying that people don't understand the difference between attraction and experience, or rather that they have a double standard. When I tell people I'm a vigin with guys as well its "omg you're so pretty why not? that says a lot about you, so respectable." then when I say I'm into women its "well, how can you be sure if you haven't been with one yet?" basically you can be straight without being with anyone, but in order to be gay or bi, you have to f*** everyone. makes sense.

    you shouldn't go to craigslist. do you have any gay friends? Or even just some girl friends who are open minded? > you can easily go to a gay club and pick up a guy. no surprises, you get what you see generally. you could have a one night stand but I recommend that you get tested first together and make it a friends with benefits thing. If you do the one night stand thing, at least use a condom.

    Gay clubs are fun as sh*t. And like any club, its pretty much a pick up scene for many people there. sex sex sex and no pregnancy :D

    shemales and lady boys are insulting and degrading terms for trans people. If you fetishize a transwoman who hasn't had bottom surgery, make it known that you are only interested sexually. they have enough on their plate without being unknowingly used and objectified. I don't see too many going for that, though, as they see themselves as women, but hey maybe someone who just wants a hookup and won't care. its possible.

    maybe its because I have tons of gay friends, and live in a very liberal city, but guys hooking up with guys doesn't seem like some unattainable fantasy in my eyes. it seems like an everyday occurrence.

    My family doesn't support me, but I've already come out to them. They make threats to cut me off, but they never actually would imo (or maybe they would) because I'm their only child, their little girl. they freak out if I don't call them for one day and they don't like when I stay out past 12 lol I highly doubt they would dump me on the sidewalk if I dated a girl, which I definitely will. They just are ignorant and narrow minded. I told them that I don't care though, that its something they have to deal with but my job is to be as honest as I have been with other things on which we disagree. I can't live my life for my parents, I have to do what feels best for me.

    Thats talking about dating or possibly marrying a girl though. You're just talking about sex. I doubt I'd call my mom while I'm covered in come to confess my sexual exploits with a guy, so having sex with a girl isn't something she has to know about either.

    • Thank so much for your thoughts. To be honest, I used those terms (ladyboy) because that's how they are often categorized on video sites. I was talking about the p*rn more than the people. And yeah, it is purely sexual for me, and so the idea of a penis with breasts and a soft face is appealing. Less masculine, I guess.

      I don't know anyone that I know is gay -- and I don't think I could talk about it with someone I know.

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    • i meant "cause" not because

      you could make a profile on okay cupid or something. I think just going to a club/bar is a better option but I have friends who meet people online so you know

    • Meeting someone in a bar just seems... I don't know... like a huge step. And that'd mean having an affair, too...

      I've never heard of 'okay cupid'. I guess I'll see what it is. I've thought about trying to find a guy 'cyber friend', because perhaps that might be a way to explore my bisexual interests.

      And yeah, I've thought about this for a while... I guess it never really left me since 'playing around' with friends when I was younger, and looking at videos or reading stories reminds me.

  • Yes,and I HAVE acted on it!

  • I blame this on the media. Constantly putting things out there in peoples heads.

    I think, people get curious because it is made out to be this HUGE awesome thing. That is so HOT and SEXY.

    And, 99% of people want something they cannot try or have. I think, once you try it or get to that position where you try it, you will back out.

    Sure, I wonder what it is like to eat out a girl. But, I don't want to try it. I am just curious as if it is like the same when girls give guys head.

  • I thought it before and even tried it once. While I was in the act, it was clear to me that I was not bisexual. I think it is normal to be curious about others of the same sex.


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  • I'm bicurious but still a virgin,

    I don't really see(for me atleast) a relationship with a guy

    and I find a lot more women attractive than men

    so if it happens it happens, I'm not cautious about it though

  • I masturbate to shemale p*rn somewhat frequently. Would I ever act on it? Only time will tell. Would you mind friending me so I could ask you something in a message?

  • Sorry for posting on your old question, but yes. I want to, but I am kind of afraid. I do the same thing. I watch p*rn and read Craigslist ads. I'm hesitant to take it any further unfortunately.

    • I forgot this question was out there. And yeah, I'm kinda leery about Craig's List myself.

  • I have been attracted to trans women in the past. I would get involved with one, but I don't want them because of their d*** or what I would do with it. I wouldn't consider myself to be bicurious or bisexual.

  • I've watched shemale p*rn,admired a guys physique and even imagined what it would be like to give a bj but the thought of kissing a man does not turn me on at all. I have no desire to be in a relationship or act in real life with a guy. I think its sort of standard in the vast spectrum for both genders to be curious about the unknown.

    • I'm not thinking of an emotional relationship or even kissing, but I do think about a BJ in real life, for instance. I guess I'd like to act on that curiosity somehow, but believe I never will.