How do I get her to do anal?

how do I get my wife of almost five years to try anal. I know she would like it if she tried it. I have asked I have begged like guys do lol and nothing she won't budge. she has never done it before and I don't want her to be sacred to do it. I just want her to try it once and if she likes it then so be it if not then we never do it again ever and I won't ask again. so any help or tips lol. and none like get her drunk Because she don't drink like that for me to get her drunk. also I am adding a poll to this question to see how many women like anal and how many dont.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • don't "Get her" to do anything if she doesn't want to. Just respect her wishes. Maybe once she'll be willing to try it, but trying to trick her or force her or guilt her will only be bad and really if you love her, just be happy to make her happy however.


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What Girls Said 3

  • do something really nice for her in return

  • If she asked you to try it too, would you?

    • ok I had a girl once who snuck a finger in while giving me head and it was not terible so later on she asked if I wanted to try her beads I said sure as long as she was gining me head while doing it wasn't that bad so in a long way yes I would let her stick something in my ass not a dildo because that's like a **** and would make me feel gay but something small yeah

  • I'm scared of anal. Never did it. Maybe you have a big d*** and she thinks it would hurt too much. Maybe you should ease her into it with butt plugs and other anal stimulators.

    • ok first I am not that big I am about 7" but not thick so its not that big. two she won't even let me try any anal stuff fingers butt plugs anything

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    • Poop is so much grosser than pee. And the vagina is made for the penis. But that's just my opinion.

      Why not try what the guy said?

      Does she have problems with her digestive tract. I do. That's another reason it scares me. In my early 20's it seemed like something I'd try, but now, no.

    • have tried what the guy said but does not work with my wife.

What Guys Said 1

  • Dude first you gotta prep the butt. I have schooled a lot of my friends in getting there chicks into anal.

    Dont listen to some chicks who say "I hate it but never tried it" Most girls really enjoy it. Especially because we guys enjoy it so much.

    First off you have to put a finger or two in the bum when your having sex with her vaginally, and from there she will kind of get used to what it feels like. From there just be really relaxed and while having sex with her just take your penis out and rub it on her butt a bit. This will get her even more relaxed into the idea. Do this right after a shower for the two of you. She may be a little wary because of hygiene so this will help. In the pool or hot tub too.

    From there, personally I would just put the tip in. Tell her how much you like it and how good it feels for you. Go slow and hold her lovingly.

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