Why do some men say perverted things?

Say if your talking about, I don't know, Spartacus, I don't watch it, I'm just using it as an example, and you were just talking about the storyline, not the really sexual bits in it (I've heard what it's like), and a guy chirps up and says things like, ''Oh I really liked that hot scene where that naked chick...blah blah..''

Or, on Facebook pictures of somebody famous, there are always comments saying, ''I would love to smash her back doors in,'' or, ''give us a tit wank,'' or something like that.

I just wonder why some men do this?I mean, it turns me off completely, and I'm sure most women don't find it particularly attractive, those crude remarks.

I mean, say if I thought somebody was good-looking, that would be it, I wouldn't be like, ''Ugh I would love for him to come and bend me over and stick his **** in me,'' you get what I mean.
Why do some men say perverted things?
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