Sexting Examples to send to boyfriend?

My boyfriend loves it when I tease him around with sext but I ran out of ideas lol any examples?


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  • What girls do for me is make a name for my c-ck like a pet name, then when you text him ask him how are you? How is your (insert pet name for his c-ck)?

    It's a cute way to flirt and sext further.

    Find clever way to say things, instead of saying "i'm wet" you can say the syrup factory is up and running or something like that, be creative ;)

    So that way if someone accidentally reads his texts he won't matter because only you'll know what you're talking about.

    And then just obvious stuff like the girls said, tell him what you'd do to his d-ck and how you'd hold it, rub it, stroke it etc.


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  • If you want some ideas for texting there are some here -


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  • Lol ironically enough I just send this super long sext to boyfriend but 1) it's way too long to type on here again lol and 2) the GAG police would get me for it :p

    Make up some good scenarios like if yall got in the shower or how you would tease him and what not. Be veryy detailed, like where your hands would be, how bad you want his ****, what you would do with it. How good you'd make him feel, just have fun! ;)

    • lol the GAG police? okay I will

    • Yeah if you put something really detailed/sexual they delete your comment and email you saying it's too much haha

  • tell him about how you need is **** or how you're touching yourself thinking about sucking his **** and rubbing his balls.. he'll go crazy, I promise

    lol if you want anymore I'm happy to help.. I am in a long distance thing.. it's what we do

    • hhhmmm good one thank you