Went fast with a guy, I don't know what to do...advice please?

So I met this guy a week ago and we started talking a lot. Like for a whole week we would talk for 4+ hours at night and talk all day. Then 2 days ago I went over to his apartment to watch movies and cuddle with him and stuff.

And we were going to start a movie and then he like started making out with me. I'm a virgin and he knows I've never gone beyond making out with a guy before. Then he like got on top of me and started playing with and sucking on my boobs...and I let him because I wanted to know what it was like. And he started fingering me, but he was like horrible at it. He was rough and abrupt and had no idea what he was doing. And then he pulled his pants down and I stroked him and gave him a bj twice.

Then he wanted to have sex, but I told him no I didn't love him and I didn't want to just give it up. And so he was like come on you're 18, you have to lose it sometime. I was like yeah to the right guy when I love and care about him. Then we finished watching movies and he dropped me off.

The thing is he told me he slept with his exes in the first 2 weeks and they were together for 3 and 4 years. He said he grows to like girls more when he sleeps with them a lot and that's when he makes it a relationship. And he said that when a guy really likes a girl, he's not going to leave her after they sleep together.

Then he didn't text me as much the next day, but he still did, but he didn't call me babe or anything. He used to always text me all day long. Then at night I was like "Do you wanna hangout again? Like I want to get to know you and spend time with you, but I'm not going to jump into bed with you." And he messaged back 3 hours later "Well I might, but we have a difference of opinion. I can't explain it right here, but maybe later when we talk. Goodnight."

Then he hasn't texted me yet today. He always texts me all day even when he works. He's an engineer and he's 25. It's just that like I've grown to like him from talking so much. We really connected and I just feel used and upset, but I don't think he's lying that he sleeps with girlfriends fast and I'm usually a good judge of when people are lying.

I just don't know. Any advice?

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I know I pretty much answered my own question. I just kinda wish he hadn't turned out to be an a**hole. I'm not talking to him anymore.
Went fast with a guy, I don't know what to do...advice please?
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