How do I give a lapdance to my boyfriend?

I'm a very goofy person and I feel like if I give a lapdance to my boyfriend I will just crack up right away. He asked me about it a while ago and now I think I'll do it. I've read some articles on it but I really don't know what to do. Because first of all, I don't know how many guys would ACTUALLY want a girl's privates in their faces! (He's not one of those guys who's obsessed with oral) and why on earth would he want my butt in his face? What are some sexy moves that will surprise him, though? I don't want to seem like a beginner. Also, any good ideas for clothing?


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  • Ahhh, ze lap dance.

    I had experience riding horses, now I ride my significant other.

    I usually have him sit on a chair or couch and I wrap my arms around the back of the chair or couch and I sit close but not completely down. I start to shift my weight back and forth, popping my hips and pubic bone (the way you would ride english saddle) and I get closer, changing it up so I'm either moving with him or in a circular motion.

    As far as clothing goes, you can either be fully clothed, naked, in your underwear/thong and topless (I find this to work very well in my case) or lingere.

    It doesn't matter if your a beginner or not, or goofy, be creative, if it makes you laugh, laugh. Have fun with it, sex doesn't have to be serious, neither do lap dances. And you don't have to stick your ass in his face.

    Have fun with the lap dance, get creative, it doesn't matter if it looks stupid to you, it's probably very hot to him.

    A lap dance should be fun for both of you, not just him. You could even do a strip tease as you give him one.

    There's a ton of more ideas, but all you have to do is try it or ask him what he likes. Or just be spontaneous.

    Good luck. ^_^


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  • as a male's point of view... here I go...

    I don't know a single guy who WOULDN'T like their girlfriends privates all over him. If you guys are really comfortable with each other it really doesn't matter if you mess up too much, its not like you're getting PAID for the service! lol

    So be yourself, be comfortable and he will no doubt love the time and effort you put into this. And what's good is you might be able to get something like that in return ;) Perhaps a strip tease from him? hehe


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  • Hi, I'm not sure if you're the same girl I sent advice to about this or not, but I used to be an exotic dancer.

    Clothes- figure out what kind of lingirie he likes, go to triangles, sex shops, or victoria secret for the clothes and shoes.

    You're going to want music, preferably anything you can feel sexy to or that can give you an excitment to dance.

    Do your hair and makeup in ways he hasn't seen.

    Fix the lighting- I like using candles, it sets the sexual/romantic mood, and it kinda hides any flaws you feel/think you might have.

    You don't put your butt or crocth in his face lol.. Well you can, if you want to be nasty nasty...

    Dance ideas

    Put him in the middle of a clean room sitting in a chair, with the music and candles (or dim the lights)

    Make your sexy appearance in your new "skin"

    Flirt around the room playing with your hair, clothes, breast, whatever.

    Do some flirtatious moves around him and the chair, letting him smell your hair, but no touching yet.

    Yes look and smile at him, he wants you to have a good time too.

    Do some floor moves (get carmen electra lapdance "workout" videos they give wonderful ideas)

    Finally get close to him, but don't sit on him, lick his ear, breathe in his ear, whisper something naughty, like "do you like this baby?"

    Turn around and rub your leg all the way down to the floor, when you see him looking at you, smack your ass, or snap your underwear.

    You can strip your clothes off one by one, like take off your bra/top and wrap it around his neck.

    Finally sit on him, and do whatever from there, more dancing, grinding, whatever.

    Get creative and have fun the more fun and excitement you have, the better!


  • i know a good idea for clothing short shorts and a tube top or something easy to get off