Girls/Guys: How easy is it to get an erection in a non-sexual situation?

If this just sounds really obvious, then give me the obvious answer, rather than just saying "it's obvious!"... It isn't that obvious to me, therefore, I'm asking it. For the best or of for the worst, I'm an oblivious of "practical" sexual knowledge 17yovirgin.

*cough* so my question is:

How come guys (teenage guys - from 15/16 - 17/18 years old) get excited so easily? Virgin and non-virgin guys, there is no real difference there...

I'm not talking about "they get excited more easily than girls", bur rather - why would a guy get an erection just by having a female friend friendly sitting on their lap (almost his knees...)?

(this one example happened really recently... but in the last couple of years, it just happens in all kinds of non-sexual environments, by the smallest touches, with practically all types of guys. But maybe I'd get to avoid it happening again in general if I understand why it happens better... )

me and my friends are all sitting around in a coffee shop. There are no empty chairs. I sit in a friend's lap, right above his knees and all... And everything's good and friendly and SO NOT SEXUAL, then why would he get an erection from that?

(I know he did because he blushed when I got up, and immediately and awkwardly covered his legs with a jacket and his 2 closest male friends were all trying to hide their small laughs from me, with "shocked" smiles on their faces, while saying little things by his ear... My friend wouldn't meet my eyes then.)

What I don't understand is how, in a completely non-sexual situation, a friend can get an erection from another friend sitting on his lap, barely above his knees ..

And this (the guys getting an erection, not the lap thing) happens/ has happened with both: guys who had told me they found me "attractive", to this guy from the example - he even told me straight up that he doesn't really find me that attractive the other day we talked about looks...

[by the way - I'm not particularly beautiful nor hot]

Guys - Have this ever happened to you with a random female friend? Also: is an erection somehow related or unrelated to the person who's "causing" it?

Girls - has this ever happened to you? what did you do?

(I don't care about the situation(s) that much, they all know they're "friends", it only bothers me when it gets obvious I noticed and/ or awkward.. Just don't understand why the hell it happens or what to do to avoid it. I hate awkward situations, or situations making me feel self conscious.. and, of course, causing unwanted erections (causing the guy to feel awkward AND self conscious as well) makes me feel kind of "bad", too)

I apologize for the enormous post...
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Wow, OK, so I guess it can happen a lot more frequently than I thought...

I never really thought of it as something so "easy to happen" as that... I believed it had to have roots on a "conscious" thought of something sexual, or a vision of a situation by a certain "sexual angle" or something along those lines. I guess I was wrong...

Thank you for your answers ^^ .
Girls/Guys: How easy is it to get an erection in a non-sexual situation?
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