I can't pleasure myself...

at all. I don't really have any desire to masturbate but I've tried it before. When I finger myself I get nothing out of it whatsoever, I just get pain.

Is this normal? Should I be able to? I am a virgin.


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  • I feel like I could be breaking some kind of a rule for answering this as you're not 18 but it's better than you running out to have sex...

    The pleasure from masturbating comes from stimulating the clitoris (you can google this if you're not sure what this is). Instead of trying to insert your finger or other items into your vagina try rubbing your clit very gently. You can experiment with water pressure or a small vibrator (trojan touch is great) but your finger works just as well. Once you figure out your spot and how fast, hard etc. it will get easier and much more enjoyable & everyone is different so there's no formula to share.

    I know it's confusing because sex is enjoyable (so you've heard) and it utilizes the vaginal canal but that has more to do with the g-spot. Some positions will stimulate the clitoris as well but if not I will sometimes stimulate my clit with my hand even while having sex.

    I guess this is based purely off my own experiences but that's how I do it! Have fun...


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  • are you the same girl who just posted about this? Or is it just this common? I know you probably don't know how common it is, but other girls answer, please. I'm curious.

    • No this is my first post about this. And why are guys so interested in female DIY?

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    • It's just that a lot of guys I know have asked me about that specifically

    • Really? we're in different generations, when I was a kid a boy would never have asked a girl about that. But the interest is normal. We masturbate, and we wonder how you guys do it...it's part intellectual curiousity, and yeah, it's partly a little bit hot, too (to be honest). Not in your case, of course! you are young enough to be my daughter. But in general, it's a little bit of a hot subject.

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  • Rub your clit in a circular motion. Fingering yourself in your actual vagina isn't going to get you off unless you stimulate the g-spot. If you don't know what it is, look it up. But yeah, basically if you don't stimulate your clitoris you are not going to orgasm.

  • Just experiement. Just Fingering your vagina probably isn't going to give you an orgasm. Try fingering your clitoris in a circular motion for a little while. Try doing it at different speeds and in differnet motions (do it in a circle, up and down, side to side) and see what turns you on. Trust me, if you do this, it doesn't take too long to get an orgasm.

    • It just tickles really bad....?