Clyde ("Bonnie and Clyde") got raped in prison. Is it true?

My friend told me Clyde got raped by another guy in prison. Is he fooling me or is it true?

Research: Clyde Barrow was a nickel/dime crook, until he was sent to a Texas prison, where he was raped. Clyde was only 5' 7" so young Clyde was easy pickens for sexual predators in prison. After Clyde's rape, a day came when his attacker came after him again, but Clyde killed him with a pipe - his first murder. Clyde may well have become the desperado he became, without being raped, but there appears little doubt that his rape in prison catapulted him into his violent life of crime.


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  • Without doing research..I would say "no"..Bonnie & Clyde were killed in a shootout (ambush?) with the law...however...I will take a closer look at this and report back...(:

    • @ Update...irony eh? send him to prison only to make a worse criminal...but...what is the answer? Drugs are the result of a black market caused by laws...but..stealing & killing are serious crimes...should we just hang them like we used to?

    • Prevent prison rape. Clyde got raped => frustration = turned into a killer. Experts estimate that at least one in 10 inmates is raped in prison. Because 95 percent of prisoners will eventually be released back into our communities, the horrors that occur inside prison have consequences for the rest of us, too. Some who suffer through brutal rapes become predators themselves, both in prison and after their release, subjecting other innocent victims to the same degradation that they experienced.

    • I gotta agree...excellent point...they don't need cable, color TVs & internet but you should not get raped or murdered because you are in prison for any crime and especially a nonviolent crime

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  • everyone gets raped in prison

    • LOL not really.

    • No nowadays it depends on what type of prison you're in and mainly of you are into it yourself. It's not like the back in the day jail stories where guys are just going around raping other guys, that's only in the movies... they still depict that image of jail.

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  • he got raped.

    Women think that men can't be raped. I was raped by a female school teacher in her 70's.

  • Possible if your a chump not willing to die for your manhood.