Why am I embarrassed of sexual things?

1- I'm too embarrassed to do it

2- I'm too embarrassed to get a boyfriend, because then people will assume I'm doing it and might ask me about it :/

3- I hate my sexual organs...I think they look ugly, and I don't want anyone to see them.

4- I think having an orgasm would be embarrassing... making weird noises and faces :/

5- one of my biggest nightmares would be someone walking in or hearing me having sex or doing something sexual

6- I think sex is kinda gross. Especially oral sex or anal sex.

7- I wouldn't want to go to the doctor about sexual health because that would be so awkward

8- I'm even embarrassed to be seen kissing

9- and embarrassed to see a sex scene on TV or in a movie

10- I can't even talk about sex with my friends, I make them change the subject because I feel uncomfortable.

for your information- no I am not religious, neither are my parents.

and I am 22.
Why am I embarrassed of sexual things?
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