I saw a pictures of female friend naked --

so this girl was going to show me a picture of something that I actaully can't even remember now.. um... oh yea of her working at this restaurant (alot like hooters but more raunchy - and yet somehow more classy? ) anyway - she was going to show me a picture when a nude picture of her popped up. She wasn't really paying attention and immediate time almost slowed down. Now I've seen some girls topless before.. unfortunately not that many.. but still (and I've certainly seen a fair share of p*rn) but I can not even believe how perfect her body was. I mean you would never know under her clothes. THis is kinda really bothering me. She has a boyfriend and so she is off limits but afterward we were joking about it and I just can't even believe how perfect she was.

Appearently only like 4 other guys have seen her topless but she says they all seem to react the same way.. she says a lot can't believe they are real.. and I can see why.

SO my biggest question is - has this ever happened to you? do you even keep naked pictures on your phone. Luckily it was funny more than anything and she was only a bit embarrassed but definitely was able to laugh it off. I am really curious now though just how many perfect racks our out there.

I keep hearing though media and everything that movies and p*rn make us believe in these perfect women that don't exist.. but I beg to differ. I mean this was perfect. She is very attractive but isn't like the hottest girl ever (but I'm a really hard critic unfortunately.. hence why I'm forever alone..) -

so girls - what do you think of your boobs?

and guys - how would you say actual boobs compare with what you would expect from TV and p*rn.. (I think I've only seen 4 girls topless that I was actually with - more if you include changing rooms and stuff like that but I try not to really pay attention there)


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  • My boobs are freakin awesome. Only 2 guys have ever seen them and both of them have said that they are far and away the most perfect natural DDs they've ever seen. I'm pretty proud of tatas obviously :-P

    • omg DD?!?! I can't even imagine what those would look like. but good for you! I imagine that would be weird showering but you have a lot to play with I guess lol I have barely even seen Cs

    • Pics or it didn't happen

    • lol yea I bet that works longrod

  • my body in general I think is pretty decent but I can't help but constantly compare to the best looking celebrities and p*rn stars and regardless of how much I work out or how well I eat I still feel like I lack in so many ways. it really saddens me.

    • ive never seen a girl with your body type naked before so it is hard for me to really picture what you would look like BUT from your pictures you look really great. perfect even. I don't know I wish I could see better but you look really good. Don't be sad..- Your BOOBS ARE UP TO YOUR NECK THOUGH! lol but I think you look good just keep healthy.

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    • im not always the best as saying what I mean but truly. I mean you are really pretty. The second you start comparing yourself to fake "ideals" you'll lose wight of what makes you who you are. :)

    • thank you

  • I don't know. I think my boobs are OK. I don't really love them though.

  • I don't like my boobs because they're small, but I don't want to be fake..so I deal with them. I'm a small person so I guess they're okay for my height, weight etc..but I'd want bigger. They're perky and round, but so small...lol. My ex was really into p*rn so I always felt like he was comparing me to the girls he watched daily. I'm okay with p*rn, but he'd sometimes show me when he downloaded, and go on and on about how "perfect" her body, t*ts..ass...face..etc were, and it made me super self conscious lol. Try not to compare real life to p*rn.. :/ It makes us average girls feel ugly and that's why girls complain about their bodies so often.

    • is it okay if I ask your dimensions? I mean 3 of the 4 girls I have seen have been b or smaller and it was PERFECT! actually ... 4 or the 4 were B or smaller (two were A.. well one even AA) and then one got on Birth Control and became a C-cup. So what do you mean by small and how small are you?

    • I'm 5'4 and weight 112-115 lbs, and my waist is 24 inches I think? I'm bad with measurements. I'm a 32B and I friken hate it but I have to live with it. The way my ex would look at p*rn stars and gush over them, going on and on about their perfect bodies didn't help either. Like...K thanks. Why am I here then? You have your computer and your hand. Have fun with that perfect hand...

    • meh most guys just care about how perky and round they are. size doesn;'t matter that much

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