Why do so many people, think we guys have the upper hand, have it easier than girls in the dating/relationship?

boyfriend/girlfriend scene?

C'mon, this should be obvious, whenever people are angry, complain, depressed, frustrated about being single, about having horrible, bad luck attracting members of the oppossite sex, being unable to get a date or boyfriend/girlfriend, it is generally, usually guys, not girls, and it's not just on this site, it happens on many other similiar sites, PUA Forms, Don Juan Forums, and even Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and in real life, etc. Also, whenever there is dating and relationship, how to attract, how to talk, approach, hook-up advice, it is almost always geared towards guys, not girls, c'mon, why do you think people such as Neil Strauss who wrote "The Game", and Mystery Method, David DeAngelo, David X, Alan Roger Currie, Ross Jeffries, and many others out there. C'mon, if there is no attraction happening between the guy and the girl, it is almost always the guy's fault, because obviously that's the tradition that has been around for centuries and probably always will be.

When girls are asking advice, it is almost always advice what to do while the relationship has already started, while they are already boyfriend/girlfriend, but for guys, it's mainly how to get the girl, how to attract her, get her to like him and that's far more important than while in the relationship, getting it started is the biggest stage, step. that's why there are no women, men, or just people who write books, articles, that give advice to women, girls on how to attract and talk, be successful with guys, men.

Also, there are more male virgins out there than there are female virgins very likely, since obviously it is much easier for a girl to get laid, same thing with single people, for people who have never been in a relationship, never dated, have always been single, there are probably more guys out there in that situation than there are girls. That it's easier for a girl to get a boyfriend than it is for a guy to get a girlfriend, and I hate it when people say "for every girl that has a boyfriend that guy has a girlfriend, so it does not make sense to them" yes obviously that is true but the guy had to do all or most of the girl in order to get the girl, the girl did not have to do anything.

Also, they say that throughout Human History, since the beginning of Human Civilation, that less men have passed on their genes than women have, more women than men have passed on their genes to the next generation, I forgot how they literally, said that but it makes sense. So girls, do you feel you have it easier than we guys do since all you girls have to wait, stand still, and welcome or deny advances? that you girls have "Veto Power" you have the Final Say, all you have to do is approve of the date and relationship, you girls control the outcome, girls actually choose the guy more than the guy chooses the girl because whoever is the one to initiate, does not get to have the final say. Obviously I can't speak for every guy.
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girls want a guy who doesn't need them to feel good about himself, girls can get validation from guys but guys can't get validation from girls, we have to be cocky funny, be a tease in a playful way, we have to have confidence, have the right attitude, the right mentality, the right social-skills, conversation-skills, etc. Girls can be a loser and still get a guy, but we guys can't be a loser, we guys have to project a winning-attitude, mentality towards them, that is never easy.
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Also, so many things turn girls, women off, the list of things, behaviors that turn girls off is way longer than the list of behaviors that turn guys off, seriously, a guy can look like Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Tom Cruise, David Beckham, Tom Brady, Channing Tatum, Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson, a GQ Model, or just overall any physically fit, good-looking guy, but if that guy has no confidence, is boring, not interesting, had bad social-skills, he is screwed then.
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We guys have to be in control of our lives, be aggressive and assertive about knowing what we want and doing what we want, going after what we want, People who have no code, no rules by which they live their lives, no standards by which they hold themselves up to, are weak people. They look for others to give them an identity, to give them a purpose.

Women do not need these traits, but Men do,
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Seriously, how is it easier to be a male?
Why do so many people, think we guys have the upper hand, have it easier than girls in the dating/relationship?
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