Are White men physically inferior to Black men?

not to make it sound provoking for white men, but I just can't help to think that in all aspects white men are physically inferior to black man.

black guys dominate all sports, generally physically fitter, and have bigger penises.

so what do you guys think?


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    This is the funniest question I've ever read!

    The responses are even greater!



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  • Um... I think those are ALL stereotypes and although there are some truths to every stereotype, you can't really lump everybody together like it's a FACT that all black men have big penises and it's a FACT that they're all tall, and it's a FACT that they are physically fitter.

    I'm black and I know some short, little penis-having, pudgy black men and I know some 6'5, six pack having white guys. It doesn't matter. It's an individual thing. I seen a white guy whoop a black dudes ass and I've seen a black dude whoop a white dude's ass. A man is a man, black or white.

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    • It' funny that you say blacks can have a little penis, but then not that whites can have big ones :D i know, probably just and oversight, still...

      On average blacks have bigger a penis. Its scientific fact, look at national averages. I am white and fine with it, no need to sugar coat it. Either you are big vor small, doesn't change because of racial averages

  • No.

    Over 20 international sports played through out the world,basketball doesn't dominate,neither does football.

    Realize,superiority and inferiority are not determined by race or ethnicity.

    Bigger penis's?Race has absolutely nothing to do with penis size...and plenty of porn stars have dismissed that theory

    I honestly think you're a troll,who's looking for attention an getting what he wants,a reaction out of people.

    ADVICE:get a life,some friends,a girlfriend or boyfriend and find real entertainment.

    • I must thank you for writing these golden words

    • Actually, it does. On average blacks are bigger. There are countless studies that have shown that. Not all blacks are n** but on average it is the case.

  • WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT! You are being very stereotypical. There are white men with big penises and black men with little ones. Also, white men are dominate in certain sports like hockey and are usually the quarterbacks in football which is one of the most important positions. Are far as physical fitness, what about body building which is a sport dominated by white men. White men aren't inferior to black men! If you want to pull out sterotypes what about the negatives ones? Are those all true too? White men are smarter than black men, Black men are deadbeat dads, Black men can't hold jobs like white men. How does that MAKE ME SOUND? Like a freaking racist, and that is exactly how you sound! I personally take people as individuals and don't judge people based on group stereotypes no matter what they may be, but maybe that is just me. You really show no class or intelligent by putting down a whole race of people. Please grow the hell up and learn that people are individuals and CAN NOT be grouped together. Again, the black man, white man thing can get played with negatives on both sides, but NEITHER is superior to the other. Isn't this the type racism black people have been avoiding from white people for the last 100 years. Now you are just role-reversing it. You are a ass!

    • To be completely objective, white men dominate hockey because they are the massive majority in the sport. Some people say that the lack of black quarterback has to do with latent racism. You also have to realize that it took awhile for black players to intergrate into the NFL. Body building is not often seen as a sport in Urban areas. I 'm not saying your wrong. I just think the sports you picked were bad examples.

    • What about everything else I wrote pertaining this question?

  • Wow! I know I'm a little late on this question but I couldn't help but read this and the comments made. You wanted people's honest opinions and when they gave them to you you was very rude! If you're going to be rude and hateful why comment back? Oh let me answer! Its because you are a little boy with no balls and a whole bunch of insecurities, that's y you wanted to know if you were inferior to white guys. Well its time for a reality check Hun! Just because you're black doesn't make you any better than whites, Asians, Hispanics or anybody else. There are A LOT of black guys that have small penises and can't play sports just like every other race. So if you want to know if you are any better then white guys your answer is NO! and I'm not racist at all because I am married to a black MAN but I don't love him for his color I love him for the person he is on the inside and how he makes me feel. So next time you write a ignorant question like this how bout you don't post it anonymous that way we can see the idiot who wrote it.

  • I am a Black Woman-

    It's a myth! A sterotype. Not all Black men have big penises. Not all Black men are good in bed. I am sure White women will make the same argument about White men. Some have big penises, some have small penises. Some are good in bed. Some suck in bed. Please stop it with the hasty generalizations, already! as for White men not taking care of their appearances, that is a load of crap! It all depends on where you live. In NYC, both White men, and Black men take very good care of their appearances. In areas of the Midwest, and some parts of the South, men of all races seem to neglect their appearance, their weight, and their overall health. Read the statisitics for obesity! I think people may want to explore facts, rather than make quick prejudgements!

    • I live in the South and I've been to most of the places in most of the Southern states but when it comes to the A, maimi, daytona, houston, and tallahassee most guys there can dress especially Atlanta:)

  • We're all different, no matter our color. I've known some very talented and intellectual black men and white men, and both the opposite. As far as the size of genitals...who f***ing cares? You can have the biggest penis in the world and not know how to use it or satisfy a woman. Than what good is it, but for the sake of bragging about it? THIS is exactly why racism won't end...lumping one race against the other.

    • Nice answer. ;)

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    • Katiesmuff I couldn't have said it better myself! The size of your genitals doesn't matter. It's how you use it to keep your woman happy. I've had some friends who had men with a small penis, but somehow they knew how to work it and they said it was some of the best sex they ever had. Like I originally said, it's all about knowing how to satisfy a woman...size doesn't matter when it come to that!

    • Racism should have never started but since it exists it's something that has to be dealt with!

  • Well, I'm black && I've only messed wit black guys or mixed guys.. Even tho I do have thing 4 white guys! (Gosh their are sum sexy 1s out there!) Lol. you can't say that black guys are bigger down there... trust me! I've seen a black guy with a REALLY big thing && another 1 with.. Well barely anything! Sum of these things people are saying are stereotypes. That's like saying its true all asians guys have very small dicks too && that white girls have no ass! Those are stereotypes! I've seen white girls wit a bigger booty than me! I mean come on. If you really wanna know if a black guys dick is bigger than yours then next time you see 1 ask him 2 just pull it out 4 u. JK! <I'm being sarcastic! I mean Damn. Does it even matter?! I've heard sum of my white girl-friends say that their white man is huuuuge! It all depends. && as far as athletics... yes they do dominate football && basketball but like someone else said they don't dominate baseball && hockey. && when have you ever really seen a black man play golf?! && no... tiger woods doesn't count because he doesn't even claim he got black and him like that! Lol!

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    • I'm loving

    • Of course men of both races are individuals, nobody says anything else. Being "hung" is just more common in blacks while being Tony is more common in whites. doesn't mean that no white man can have a bigger one than a black.

  • Yes Blacks have more testosterone this is fact. This helps them bulk up faster, makes them stronger, and yes increases penis size. They are more fertile also.

    However it is a double edged sword. Testosterone(T) increases aggression, violence, law breaking, reduces faithfulness (70 percent of black children are brought up in single families) it brings on early pubity reducing frontal lobe development time.

    Yes these are the features of a group of people selected by nature to survive in a violent hostile hunt for your food world. However whites and asians had to live in more challenging environments which favoured intellect over brute power. It doesn't matter how fast you can run, or how strong you are if it is deep winter and you have to survive on food you stored, and preserved. Fertility is a disadvantage if resources are scarce and only smaller family units can be maintained. And if you are strong but too dumb to make a advanced shelter for harsh winters you will die.

    East Asians have the lowest T count. Whites are in the middle, blacks the most.

    It's not hard to correlate these positions with IQ, aggression, and crimminality

    • Wow are you a doctor? lol either way ur answer turned me on in some weird way

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    • There is a good bit of hard evidence to back your statements............more testosterone does produce a more muscular body and also a larger penis.........factual.........

    • HITLER wasn't violent you need to check what ur wife puts in your tea.

  • No, All men are equal. and NO some black guys penises are not that big coming from experience. Your only good at something like a sport if you try your hardest at it. This world is full of diversity no matter what color you are, the color of your skin does not make up the abilities that you have.

    • There is a lot of Stereotypical bullshit going on here and I can't even read anymore.

  • No race is inferior to another.

    YES Black men generally have larger penises then white men, but not all black men have large penises. But from my experiencing, black men are better in bed then white men.

  • First of all, we have to clarify that you're talking about a generalization, and that this in no way says anything about any individual white or black man.

    Secondly, I have only heard stereotypical/anecdotal evidence about "black" mens' penises. Please send me a scientific article about penis size and skin color, if you can find one. My guess is that no such article exists.

    Thirdly, we have to mention that many men have mixed heritage...

    That being said, there are a lot of theories that point toward the origin of ALL humanity stemming from Africa, thus we are all Africans...

    Fourthly, we must indicate that skin color stems from the amount of melanin in the skin, which is protective of humans from the sun, therefore race comes down to the fact that people of African descent are more sun-tolerant than people of European descent.

    That being said, we have said nothing about people of Asian descent, although they are in the majority in the world, if you compare them to European or African people.

    As for physical superiority, in the United States, historically, African men were slaves, which were bred for their physical characteristics. This is a heinous practice, but nonetheless, it is an historical fact. This would account for SOME African-American men being larger/stronger than SOME men of European descent.

    Finally, it must be mentioned that the author's personal preference is a man with skill, which is not measured by size.

  • If you have choose to focus on a handful of traits: “jump higher, stronger, faster,”then yes, blacks are superior to Whites. But if you look at “Strong man” competitions, the winners are typically white men. Strong man” competitions require a combination of great strength and endurance, a combination that favors whites, not blacks, and you should look at the weight lifting records to see whether blacks or whites dominate weight lifting. If blacks are stronger than whites, how come they don’t dominate weight lifting, something that hardly requires any expensive equipment? The top weight lifters, wrestlers, fighters (martial arts, fencing), race car drivers and fighter pilots are mostly white. If you look at the faster variable, there are two components to speed: reaction time and response time. The reaction time is slowest in blacks. Thus, in sports requiring a fast reaction time, such as table tennis, blacks do not stand a chance to compete with East Asians. Where the likes of West Africans are fast, as in sprinting, they cannot participate in endurance events and vice versa for the Kenyans, and once again, whites are second to only blacks in sprinting, second to only Kenyans/East Africans when it comes to endurance events dominated by Kenyans, and champions in other endurance events. I could go on, but here are some statistics. The fact is that a greater proportion of fast-twitch fibers means diminished endurance. Thus, West African blacks are nowhere close to being champions in sports requiring endurance. Fast-twitch fibers are also associated with large motor units, and having more of these fibers translates to less success at fine motor skills.

    The denser bones of blacks means that they cannot dominate swimming. The shorter, less powerful trunks of blacks means that they cannot dominate wrestling or bench pressing. The strength-agility-reaction time combination in blacks is such that they cannot dominate martial arts. The leg proportions of blacks, with relatively longer lower legs, means that they will not be dominating cycling. And so on; no amount of training, nutrition or good facilities is going to change this. How can you say that blacks are overall better at sports than whites? Ridiculous!

    In the 2004 Summer Olympic, of the 929 medals awarded, approximately 70 percent, or 650, were won by White athletes. East Asian athletes won 154 medals, or 16.6 percent, while black athletes won 89 medals, or just 9.6 percent of the total. The rest were won by athletes from other groups.

    In the 2006 Winter Olympics, of the 252 medals awarded, 228, or almost 91 percent, were won by White athletes. Asian athletes won just over 9 percent of the medals, with 23 total, and only one medal was won by a black person. You could try to dismiss the Winter Olympics by saying that blacks are not built for the cold like Northern Europeans or East Asians, but the Summer Olympics stats speak for themselves. There are many sports th

    • Do you ever wonder why the men from the strongest man competition don't compete in the Olympics? Which country dominated the strength competition under strict drug testing in 2008?

      Do you think atheletes from rich countries like the US benefit from special training and nutrition? What about the 2008 Olympic results? Which countries participate in American sports leagues? Ithink your analysis is very bias. This whole race supremacy thing is a joke.

  • i think you have to look at the individual and not the whole race.

    not make generalizations.

    i mean, I don't think they ever did a census on penis size for each race and if they did, it would be hilarious.

    it really depends.

    physically, I think there's lots of hot guys,both white and black ^_^

    • They kinda did tho. For countries. And the average in africana countries is way higher than say my country Germany. About 1.5" n** on average.

  • White man was good enough for me :P

  • its a whole load of bull that your talking bout - white men or black men - same thing! Get over it and your basically stereotyping!

    • No he's not its actually a good question...that in fact part of the theory of evolution of animals and biology support the facts that black men are supposed to be superior in strength.......if you don't believe in evolution then you entitled to you opinion but if you do you should read a biology book ots actually really interesting....

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    • And also if your going to go w/history on this supposedly they are stronger cause they have done hard labor well their ancestors have but so have other worldly known slaves of Egypt yet they don't get graced but rather get stereotyped, mocked and verbally and sometimes physically abused - well so do black men but what can any of us do its a cruel cruel world! But stating any of this upon a fact is really ridiculous - its like saying women are physically inferior to men - which in reality is not

    • True because we as women can adapt to any kind of nature but not men! And women can also have babies - meaning we go through hard staggering deep pain - meaning if men were to have babies they really wouldn't make it so which is the stronger sex again? Yea this argument between 2 species will go on for centuries for men who have to dominate everything in their sight! So yea!

  • ah no. every race has fat people, strong, skinny, nerdy, anorexic, tall, short, stupid, smart, and lazy people. don't bitch about slavery because EVERY race has been enslaved before. every seen the world's strongest man competition? hmm? I don't care who looks better, or who has a big dick. I'm not a shallow dumbass. what about personality? most women don't want to get beaten half to death with a 12 inch dick. knowledge and technique is preferred. I think you are being provocative. to say that you are not trying to do something means that you are. STOP seeing colors, and start looking at PEOPLE! same body structure, same needs, different variations in our tans.

  • I think your stupid.

  • I agree with the breeding of slaves theory. Males were bought as studs. If you were not physically fit, you were not allowed to openly "breed". This passes on genes that are predisposed to strength, speed, endurance. The bigger penises is a myth. Penis size and girth vary and one particular size is not exclusive to one particular race. I've seen hung white guys and tiny black men and vice versa. Stereotypes, while often funny in jokes, don't apply 9.5 out of 10 times.

    • Ok so I finally finished reading all of the comments I have come to the conclusion that the question asker is a WHOLE lot dumber than I gave him credit for and questions like this tend to bring the worse out of people. There are black men who have intelligence,as well as physically desirable traits. The same goes for White, Asian, Latino, and any other kind of man. African American are largely the products of selective breeding but so are sperm bank kids of all races. He should NEVER reproduce.

    • What do you think of people who perpetuate this, as you called it, 'Myth'. My experience has been different but I'm glad to hear I may be wrong. I am white and have dated white and black. To me, women are women, I noticed nothing unusual in either race.

  • I personally don't think that back men are more superior to white men. I myself am a black girl and having been raised around black men and by one (my father) I don't see a huuuuge difference. I mean sure there is always going to be the melanin difference but I don't think that makes anyone superior or inferior. I mean I'm attracted to White, Black, peurto Rican and Asian. I just like what I like and I refuse to apologize for it.

  • being white or being black has nothing to do with how athletic you are..

    my boyfriend is white and is a hell of a what?

    and what does it matter if a black guy has a bigger penis or not...we don't give a shit..well some of us..

    besides stop being racist towards white..

    some people are so pathetic

    • No offense, but your "hell-of-a-quarterback" white boy will only be a sissy in real black man's football team. and you probably don't care for bigger penis because you've never had one of these in you. why don't you come try some of this first and then tell me, because I know once you go black, you'll never go back to your bf's little pee-wee

    • Yall are both so wrong...question asker why do you provoke these people? Don't you see this isn't helping anybody? They just come back with more hurtful comments.

      sammy, I was a quarterback who went all-state in the great state of Texas (if you want stats on how hard that is to do, please feel free to email me.) You may be the sweetest woman in the world, but you have made the question asker make you look so bad. Don't let him do that. Make your case, but don't let him make you look like a fool

    • Asker, you're a faggot n** who talks tough, but probably can't back anything up. Many White men can kill you with a few punches and make you their bitch. Many n** bitches are getting on white cock in America as well, so your porn dreams aren't really based on reality.

  • Well no offense to any white men, but I prefer black men. I love them they are big and dominant and the ones that are polite really know how to treat women, especially in bed. They are talk, dark and handsome. what can I say. Oh btw, I'm a Mexican American in case you are wondering

  • From a historical standpoint, white salve owners did trade and promote stronger, physically better blacks. Essentially selective breeding with people. I wouldn't doubt that genetic selection has been passed down into the modern free society, hence the athletic prowess of African Americans.

    At the same time, there are a lot more white males that fall into the anti-sports-nerd category than blacks, which doesn't help the stats there either.

    Granted, there are always exceptions. There isn't a lot of color in the winter sports sector :P, and Bret Farve dominated the football scene for some time. Ultimately it burns down to training and desire to be more athletic. Generally speaking, being buff is more a part of Black culture than it is white. But times are a changin...

    • Psshhhh I agree with everything but the brett farve statement

    • That man should have just retired and been done. As a native of WI, he did rule the football roost around here my entire childhood.

    • That's true. Slave owners were human breeders in a sense. They wanted to produce strong slaves as a business practice.

  • I must defend white men's honor, on Wikipedia is says their is no correlation between race and penis size, can't disagree with the sports thing though. but I tend to look for personality not athletic build. personality is more individual not race related and its more important. I tend to like white guys personalities even if they are asses sometimes but then again black guys seem to have good personalities too so they tied.

    • Wikipedia said it! It must be true haha!

    • I've heard that the reason there are so many black men in sports is that they tend to live in lower income neighborhoods, so they strive more to be successful in sports to get out of the ghetto. I don't know if it's true but it is interesting.

  • That's not true. What you see on television is not a national average. You're seeing the greatest athletes in the nation, not a regular guy you'd run into at the grocery store.

    I know a lot of white guys that are over 6 feet tall and 200 plus pounds. I've also met black/African American guys that are 5'7" about and 180 pounds. It really all depends on the area you live. I wouldn't worry too much about it. And as far as the penis thing, I have no experience to weigh in on the matter, but I'm sure that's a stereotype too. I've been with really tall guys that are tiny, and really short guys that are big. It's all a draw.

  • i don't think so...look at guys from australia and new zealand...they are HUGE! australian men, the whites not the natives...are really competitive in sports... look at john cena...he is white and I don't think anybody will call him physically inferior. if you see the pics of black men in somalia ...they are malnourished and they look so frail. and penis size depends from guy to can't really guarantee that if a guy is black skinned he will have a bigger penis...

  • Honestly,it depends on the person & also on the person they are trying to please.Race doesn't have much to do with it. Personally,im attracted to all races,if you have the things that I look for in a significant other,race doesn't matter:)

  • Honestly I think everyone answering this question needs to think before they write something down I mean if you said some of this to someones face you would get your ass kicked so some people need to chill with the racism

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    • Lol very true just reading some of these responses get me mad

    • True sexy. People talk big on the web when there is no fear of physical retalliation. However, I get what your saying but violence shouldn't be the way to argue. Just be civil people, it's not that hard. How do you expect for differing views to come together when we rant and rave emotions, rather than thought. It's time to heal on both sides but we must talk to each other, not fight.

  • Your observation is correct in most cases - BUT usually the white man makes more $$$.. But yes the black man is physically masterful -- a blessing! And yeah most have at least a 6 inch penis and that is on the small side... and black men from the caribbean even more so could easily be 11 inches or MORE..

    I do understand that Greek white men are more similar to black men in their size(down below) and their bodies and muscle tone, and also on the high sex drive - reason I hear that they seek out and date black chicks. But I don't know I have not done it with a Greek guy YET but I am working on it... LOL Cheers!

    • I can't help but like and dislike your answer at the same time.

  • Well, the only thing I'm going to comment on is not all black men have bigger "packages"

  • African American males survived the boat ride over the Atlantic in disgusting quarters, they survived disease, and then were bred like animals to render the largest most athletic most capable field hands that white slavers wanted. White men who ran the less exhaustive work line of managing slaves and earning money from the slaves labors didn't have to compete physically to survive. Hence, we have white males who are better stockbrokers than basketball players in America. If it had been the other way around all of the white persons would be taller stronger and physically more powerful than they are today.

    • I doubt that they could have evolved so dramatically over such a short time, specially considering our genetic complexity. It is more likely a result of the fact that the blacks were relatively untouched by technology. They lived in tribes & clans in which they hunted & competed often. This, along with the climate, gave them physical ability.

    • They didn't evolve....they were bred by white people to be the way they are...but only in usa....go to africa you see skinny weak black guys

    • Omg I just saw ur comment now and yea its so true about the part of breeding black ppl. and any of you seen bushmans or w/e you spell it... they 1000 of years there and they still midgets..

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  • I don't see how black men "DOMINATE" any sports. Almost all sports are composed of a team of people. Let's see. 2009 Superbowl Champs...Big Ben is white quarterback, Santonio Holmes is a black receiver and Troy Palumalu is polynesian. They all played together to WIN! now what the hell does that have to do with superiority? You, sir, do black people no justice by making such comments like this. And the fact that your anonymous makes you just as big a coward as those white trash idiots in the KKK. I am an Irish American white male. I don't feel superior to anyone, and no one is superior to me. When I was in the Army, I had lots of black friends. When bullets are flying at you, they don't give a f*** who they kill. Your all in hell together. So yeah, your an idiot. Why are you concerned with penis stereotypes? Sex is like NASCAR my friend. It doesn't matter how long your ride is...It's your ability to stay on the track and finish the race that counts. So while your so wrapped up and worried about things as stupid as this, me and some of my black buddies will be out dancing, laughing, and picking up girls.

    • I liked your answer. These other people up here are making me sick by engaging in this question. You put it best - one's race/ethnicity doesn't determine anything. It's all about genetics and whatever work one puts into certain activities, such as sports. Thank-you for putting it simply: PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE. Thank-you!

    • Thank you for the kind words. It's dumb sh*t like this that keeps racism going while we all march towards oblivion. It's our diversity that is our strength. The wealthy 1% knows well enough that the day we all stop fighting amongst ourselves and realize that racism is fed to us to as a social control measure, then we will all be free. Glad your with me and god bless! - j

  • I think you're an idiot, lol. No offense. I just don't think generalizations like that are ever correct. the average black man's penis is only like 1/2 an inch bigger than the average white man's. Black men don't dominate hockey or soccer or baseball, and I know plenty of white guys who are physically fit and black guys who are physically unfit... it has nothing to do with whether you're black or white, it's how you're brought up. You have to work to be physically fit, it doesn't just happen.

    • Who says white man's penis is only 1/2in smaller? from what I've heard they are a LOT smaller. not only that, blacks are just better at sex and have more stamina. true, in some sports blacks don't dominate, but that's simply due to the nature of those sports. for ex, baseball player doesn't need to be athletic-they can have potbellies. hockey is for rich people-all the equipments. blacks would've been just as good if they were rich. but in overall it seems blacks are just physically more superior

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    • Once again the asker is a douche bag but to inforgirl, Cullen Jones is a swimmer and an olympic gold medalist in the 2008 Summer Olympics. He's black and there probably will be more in the future

    • For me (yea I'm white) its not that black guys are bigger (they usallly r) but black guys just know how to make a gurl fee3l good and they arnt scared to try new things , and also there's usally more there then just sex to them. they know all the right spots, I mean my boyfreind knows how to get me goin!

  • All I know is that I hold fear for those of you ten years younger than me.

    We live in a time when inclusiveness and fair treatment is at the forefront of everything and a constant theme produced from your generation is racism by way of hate laced in what is being considered academia.

    Some of what I've seen stated on here is old arguments that covert groups from the KKK used to "teach" by way of compromised professors and guest speakers in the south during the 1940's and 50's.

    It is tragedic in this year of 2010 that thinly-veiled racism reigns supreme.

    It makes me think that this whole "super-information" age is only assisting ignorance.

    I'm not religious, but I pray for you all.

  • This is not to describe all black man or those of African decent. The biological, proven rule is that they have more testosterone than all other races (on average; again there's inverse differences). Testosterone dictates penile size, muscular density, posterior growth and height and many other explicit hormonally affected systems exclusive to testosterone. Now, whether individual hereditary make-up is taken into account how their testosterone interacts with all the rest of the hormones and endocrine system including the specific environment of the individual in how these systems are impacted is another issue. Such as the length of stamina and pre-disposed conditions of larger penises to suffer from libido decline over time at an accelerated rate (regardless of race). Or how taller posteriors suffer from osteoporosis earlier on (regardless of race) or how lactic acid to preserve muscle density at a younger age predisposis the pancreas to over-produce insulin potentially leading to type II diabetes and so on. All these recessive and dominant traits can be admired by their complexity and accuracy but definitely have to be given a subjective eye for sake of each individuals potential in the long run.

  • Stereotypes really.

    Open your eyes and you'll see a lot of unfit black people as well.

    There's on thing though.

    Africans are used to performing harder physical labor so their bodies have naturally developed for more endurance (long walking distances, superior strength etc).

    These were the kinds of fit people slave catchers usually went for and brought to the Americans to preform hard work (since the native Indians weren't fit for it and didn't have a workers least not to work for white people lol)

    And the slave owners made the fit men mate with the fit women just like people usually do with cows and the fit bull or horses (farmers pay allot to get top quality race horse sperm for example).

    This way you get a very fit race of whatever species you are working with.

    The Germans tried to do exactly the same during the Nazi period by eliminating or removing all the unfit people from reproduction and trying to get the fit to reproduce so that in a few generations they would have a supreme race. So yeah, it's the same for white people really.

    You can mold and shape any race to whatever you want really.

  • Has anyone ever read Romeo and Juliet?

    As long as people keep hating each other, their kids will always find a way to love!

    Its always the racist people that have kids who want the opposite race or care for that matter.

    it's like the forbidden fruit. If a White Boy is constantly told "NO BLACK WOMEN" he will end up wanting a BLACK WOMAN.

    If a black woman is constantly told "NO WHITE MEN" she will end up wanting a WHITE MAN.

    It's like putting a person in a room with ONE RED BUTTON and someone saying "whatever you do DON'T PUSH THE RED BUTTON" and then they leave the person there for two or three days. You can pretty much guarantee that button will be pushed.

    As for your question.. it just seems like you are in some need of reassurance that any woman wants you. My advice is, don't worry you will find someone. Whether they are white, black, brown, red, yellow, or purple.. that's up to you. good luck!

  • black men having larger penises than white men is just a misconception, on average all races are roughly the same.

    black guys dominate running and jumping sports due to their bone density which is more than white men (scientifically proven, not racist) however white men dominate water sports due to low bone density.

    black guys can appear to be physically fitter but that's largely to do with natural definition on muscles that black guys have compaired to white men.

  • All sports? Football is a mainly white dominated sport, as is sports like hurley and gaelic, lacrosse. It depends really, a lot of black people come from warmer countries, training in warmer countries does make you fitter, you have to cope with thinner air and hotter tempetures. Bigger penises? From what I've heard that is a common misconception, there is no evolutionary advantage, anyway no one says big penises are better.

  • uh they are pretty dumb. I mean have you seen the rates of poverty? Most of them are black. The highest earners are asians, whites, hispanics and lastly blacks. I don't feel jealous of blacks, I feel sorry for them. They are usually born to single mothers who are prostitutes or do drugs. Grow up in a slum environment start doing drugs and die young.

    To answer your question. Black men are stronger because they have lived that way for so many generations as slave labors. They had stronger muscles and its been passed down generation to generation. About big dicks I don't know where that came from.

    • can't be, my friend, YOU are the dumb one for even generalizing a group of people like that. how can being poor lead to being dumb? prostitutes? drugs? there are plenty of white, asian, and hispanic people who are on drugs and prostitute, not just black. I feel sorry for YOU.

    • Racist comment

  • I hear the penis thing is BS. From what I hear the average size is average across the board and that applies to black people too.

  • Don't worry its only racist if its done by somebody that isn't black. Personally from somebody who's into distance running and mixed martial arts, I've dominated black guys as well as white guys. And the stereotype about bigger penises is Bullsh*t since different studies flip back and fourth over who is larger (though always white or black).

    You make it sound like every black guy is a hung athlete when its just not the case. Who's always the quarter back? Look at baseball or soccer (dominated by whites/ hispanics), look at hockey, look at biking, gymnastics (whites/ asians), not to mention swimming.

    I know this is an old question but its just ridiculous.

  • How many times do we have to debunk this myth?

    "The notion that penis size varies according to race, for example, is false."


    Black guys do not "dominate all sports," either. Baseball, weightlifting, cycling, swimming, skiing, ice hockey, and martial arts are counterexamples.

    Stop with the racism crap already. My half-African, half-Caucasian President is not amused.

    • BLAH BLAH BLAH... excuses excuses excuses

      hey teenie weenie white boy, why can't you just accept the fact that Black men are just superior in what women want? can't handle the fact that all your women flock to black men because they can't resist the superior black cock? get over it already. it's too bad. even your president proves that - his mother is just another white chick who couldn't resist Black cock.


  • After reading most of your comments you just seem to be a racist. A friend of mine in the army was black - He was better in some things I was better in others! You just can`t narrow it down to genetics! Have you thought about that in sports for example black guys just might have had more practice? If you play basketball 24-7 you tend to be better.

  • Well I'm hispanic, so I get the wonderful option of not caring. Seriously, blacks are not inferior to whites. This was so stupid 50 years ago, that scientist were digging the anatomy of a black man just to see what they could do to prevent blacks or understand why they are "seemingly" superior in finesse. The point is, you can be white, black or even chocolate brown and what matters most is whether your take care of yourself and exercise. You might have limitations in height and size, but by race, no one class is superior.

  • haha this is f***ing stupid. penis size has nothing to do with being black or white FACT! although 8 out of 10 black men's response to being a dad is "ain't mine".and most black people cannot use propoper grammer if it were to save thier life. Also, shut he f*** up about slavery. it has nothing to with you despite what you think, your right racism does exist and black people have a large part to do with that because thier answer to everything is the race card or slavery this, and racism that. also why the f*** do you we have a black history month and not a white history month? or a black entertainment television channel and not a white one? how come black people can talk about how great it is to be black yet white people can't do the same about being white? and why is M.L.K so important and not Abe Lincoln (he did free the slaves) if you ask me its whites who get more racial hostility then blacks. all you have to do is really take a look at the way society is and you will see for yourself.

  • BLAICK MEN DO NOT HAVE BIGGER PENISES and I say this being black but we do dominate sports but I belive this to be that white men are more academicly superior to black men and black men more physically superiour to white men and there is proof to support this as there is loads of white inventors and scientist and mathmaticians but not so many black ones I just think racially white people are generally smarter.


  • the word CAUSALITY comes to my mind. in other words, you need to ask yourself what causes what. you can't look at everything in isolation. by your logic, black men are more criminally minded than all other races in the u.s. and also they are a lot dumber since their enrollment in higher education is unimpressive to say the least.

    BETTER question to ask it, what causes a disproportionate number of blacks to go into sports? what causes a disproportionate number of Asians to go into academia? is it because they're inherently smarter? no. it's because of the environment in which they are raised.

    blacks idoalize sports figures because that's all they have to look up to. asian parents emphasize education, or so I'm told, so naturally they go into academia and that's why they make up 10-15% of ivy league schools even though asian only make up 4-6% of the entire u.s. population.

    so no, blacks are fitter than any other race. they devote more time to sports so you see more of them in sports. interestingly though, you don't see them in sports that COST A LOT OF MONEY like gymnastics, figure skating, or swimming...

  • This is an obvious troll thread.

    lol, That's the first time I've heard that one.

    Usually, the inferiority complex is reversed.

    But Kudos to you for luring so many people into posting in this troll thread.

    • Blackpanese.... no wonder why you are so hateful of your own race

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    • Look who's talking mr.blackpanese. you have no japanese in you, and that's my exact point. you are a japanese wannabe black who subconcsiously think japanese are better than your own race. that right there is a perfect example of ethnic superiority. shame on you blackpanese hypocrite.

    • Where are you getting all this "Japanese" stuff?

      All my profile says is that I'm from Japan.

      And I still assert that all ethnicities are created equal.

      No one is better or worse.

      Now stop trolling.

  • Lol...

    that is a funny question. Not very P.C. are you?

    Black people in general are extreme in many areas. Blacks are the some of the fattest, skinniest, most athletic, smallest, tallest people in the world! The reason why is very simple. Black people have the greatest genetic diversity.

    Since we all are decedents of Africans, they are the mother race they carry the mitochondria of the first humans. That is how scientists know that Africa is the mother land.

    So since blacks have been around the longest they have had more time to spread out genetically than any other race. That is why so many are so good in sports! but at the same time you would see an equal opposite extreme. Like the African pygmies being the smallest people in the world.

    As for penis size!? sure you might find an extreme there but it is not the standard...

    Why would you ask such a question anyway!?

    my blog link

    • Actually, you're wrong, we are not all descended from Africans. The first people came from Mesopotamia-or in present day-the middle east. and again, I have to disagree. I think the most genetically diverse people are hispanics. I know latinos with afros, and latinos with straight blonde hair. Latino with blue eyes, latinos with black eyes. Have you ever filled out a servey on race? It will usually say black(non-hispanic) white(non-hispanic). know why? Cause they're "white" latinos,"black" brown

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    • Who the heck are you? spencer wells?

    • Info girl you're just so dense .

      the only blacks you've seen are very dark and have dark eyes, COME OUT OF YOUR BUBBLE !

      my grandmother was fair-skinned with eyes that changed colors . my mother is light-skinned with green eyes, I am dark-skinned with green eyes . latinos are not the most diverse race, blacks are, believe me . and most of those latinos die their hair blonde any way .

      and the oldest woman was found in Africa, that's why every one thinks all human race is descended from there

  • Every "Worlds Strongest Man" champion in order of victory since its creation in 1977.
    1977 Bruce Wilhelm - White
    1978 Bruce Wilhelm - White
    1979 Don Reinhoudt - White
    1980 Bill Kazmaier -White
    1981 Bill Kazmaier -White
    1982 Bill Kazmaier -White
    1983 Geoff Capes - White
    1984 Jón Páll Sigmarsson - White
    1985 Geoff Capes -White
    1986 Jón Páll Sigmarsson -White
    1988 Jón Páll Sigmarsson -White
    1989 Jamie Reeves - White
    1990 Jón Páll Sigmarsson - White
    1991 Magnús Ver Magnússon -White
    1992 Ted van der Parre - White
    1993 Gary Taylor - White
    1994 Magnús Ver Magnússon -White
    1995 Magnús Ver Magnússon
    1996 Magnús Ver Magnússon
    1997 Jouko Ahola - White
    1998 Magnus Samuelsson - White
    1999 Jouko Ahola
    2000 Janne Virtanen - White
    2001 Svend Karlsen - Viking White
    2002 Mariusz Pudzianowski - White
    2003 Mariusz Pudzianowski
    2004 Vasyl Virastyuk - White
    2005 Mariusz Pudzianowski
    2006 Phil Pfister -White
    2007 Mariusz Pudzianowski
    2008 Mariusz Pudzianowski
    2009 Žydrūnas Savickas - White
    2010 Žydrūnas Savickas
    2011 Brian Shaw - White
    2012 Žydrūnas Savickas
    2013 Brian Shaw
    2014 Žydrūnas Savickas
    Every worlds strongest man ever has been white. Black people are good at running. I hope this answers your question.

    • Every worlds strongest man ever has been on steroids. So I not convinced that this is the most fitting examples.
      Tour de France is dominated by whites too, again, always doping scandals...

  • ok kid, Black guys don't have bigger penises, look at some actual statistics. There is also a huge number of obese black men, especially in the inner city, and they are more likely to be athletes because more societal pressure is put on them to do that because they often have less opportunities in academic fields, and the high school graduation rate is about 20% lower in blacks than in whites. think with ur head.

    • Oh, lol. denial denial... kiddo, is that true? then how come all your white girls are flocking over to gag on the superior black cocks because her white man can't satisfy her enough. those are words from your own women, not me. haha.

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    • Well, the real reason White girls go for Black guys is simply because Black man are more "man" than their White man and like feeling of having the nice thick Black penis stretch their orifices. of course her White daddy is infuriated by this because he can't overcome his inferiority complex and the fact that he has to give up his daughter to Black guys when it's not even her fault - she's only improving her genes.

      i ain't being racist, just speaking the truth. so don't get mad at me whitey. lol

    • I'm not mad, but that is actually pretty racist. Oh, and calling me whitey is like me calling you darkey. watch what you say.

  • There is a book that everyone who is interested in racial differences should read, its called RACE EVOLUTION BEHAVIOR you can find a pdf of it at w w w DOT charlesdarwinresearch DOT o are g

    Physically superior to whites... in some aspects however there are some things you need to realize, there is a huge difference between western blacks, and blacks still in africa, blacks in the western world, like it or not were bred like cattle. Hence that's is why a lot of them are way way bigger, bulkier and stronger than the native africans which all tend to be very scrawny. They would make the strongest blacks breed with the strongest blacks so they would have better slaves.

    That being said whites average the most upper body strength, blacks are the quickest, look at the olympics, all the best track athletes are black, all the swimming and weight lifting ones are white.

    It is juvenile to think that after 70,000 years of evolutionary differences the races would magically end up identical.

    Blacks are much less intelligent, MUCH LESS its just a fact, its taboo, but its reality, they are also much much more violent, 90% of inter-racial crime victims are white, 37,000 white women are raped in america every year by black men, under 10 black women are raped by white men, blacks kill 15x as many whites as whites kill blacks, I know it sounds unbelievable and hard to believe but look them up for yourself everyone is true.

    Blacks are still enslaving blacks in africa.

    As far as penis size goes, who the hell gives a crap, but I would bet that yes, since sex is a far greater concern to blacks since it was a reproductive strategy of theirs, More kids less parenting, vs the white/asian less kids more parenting. Then its fair to assum their penis' are probably bigger on average, but I would rather be an asian guy with a 3 inch dick than be black.

    ANY WAYS google some facts kiddies.

    • You are ridiculous, the American president is black. also, admit Asians are smarter. the East Asians. but Whites aren't really. And yes, Black guys have bigger penises, that's why Black men take all your white women because White women like big cocks. As a matter of fact, Whites have smaller dicks than Asians too. I'm the first person witness to the fact (having been to many locker rooms all around the place).

    • This question asker is not trying to be logical. All he wishes to do is slander the white race & claim that we all conform to the traits of the stereotypical white male. BTW, only about 3-5% of whites identify with the white stereotype. Yes, the american president is black, but so was George Bush. Remember that little fiasco? Being in a locker room is likely not a good way to judge a man's penis size. That is only judging the flaccid size of men who go to locker rooms & undress in front of ppl

  • You know that's like me saying all black men cannot swim anywhere as well as white guys can, and have you watched any porns lately? White Guys and black guys all have big penises, small penises, medium penises. and what not.

    Seriously I don't see a difference, guys are guys. It's all genetics. There are some big black dudes just as there are some big white dudes, and there are some small white dudes just as there are small black dudes.

    I know you're just asking questions and what not, but that one came out a bit shallow minded, and besides people don't fall in love because the guy is stronger and has a bigger penis, personalities, kindness, commitment and love all play a huge role in relationships.

    I don't even know why I'm getting offended here... lol sorry about that man.



  • Of course there are some race related physical differences, but it is very harsh to say that the black male is generally physically fitter than the white male.

    To say that black people dominate 'all sports' is ridiculous, especially if you look at sports that are popular all over the world:

    Swimming is dominated by whites.

    Weight lifting is dominated by the middle east.

    Tennis is dominated by whites.

    Running is dominated by blacks.

    Martial arts is dominated by asians.

    Boxing is dominated by blacks.

    Strongman competition is dominated by whites.

    Football (soccer) is particularly evenly distributed with the best national teams being multi ethnical.

    Penis wise, I'm not sure. I do know that the man with the biggest penis is a white guy.

  • Too much writing books by candlelight in airless rooms, not enough hunting lions and zebras and making love to Zanzibar princesses.

  • None of those qualities have anything to do with race. I think the question asker is just trying to find a way to cope with his sexual attraction to black males. They're not stronger or fitter, you're just gay. Plus, there is no way that black men dominate hockey.

  • "black guys dominate all sports, generally physically fitter, and have bigger penises."

    And white men are smarter and are the ones running the sports and businesses.


    Who were whos slaves?

    and this isn't racist its just a fact. Blacks are more prone to certain skills and white men have other skills...isn't the world wonderfully balenced?

    • ...wasn't racist until you added, "who was whos slaves" ...Whose

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    • Lol Reread your answer.. she only tolf you the truth! Go away? It's my prerrogative to comment answers...if you are too imature to handle this, don't answer anymore then. Bye

    • Look at that...i wasn't judging or trying to be rude to u. but the slave thing was pretty f***ed up. and how would I be one of those people who looked for race in everything. I'm sorry, but I was never taught to look at people and base things on race

  • Generally speaking, black guys do not dominate all sports especially the winter ones. Even the playing field or court sports are not dominated by blacks; just because you're black doesn't mean you can play basketball. Being more physically fit isn't true at all and the larger penis size may or may not be true; if it is then great, but having a big penis doesn't mean you know what to do with it.

    What about intellect? Are black men intellectually inferior to white men? This may not be true but blacks generally do not do as well in school as whites.

    • Yes, true black men are intellectually inferior. but also true that whites are physically inferior. but in the end, physical superiority wins because more physical attraction means better abilty to mate. and becuz white women are more attracted to black men than inferior white men, blacks have it easy when it comes to inseminating white females. while a white guy inseminate only 1 white women, black men inseminate as many white women as desired. soon, more black genes will dominate the gene pool

    • You're being facetious. To coin a phrase from my daughter........whatever.

    • Lol you are dumb.......if blacks keep mating with whites....there will be no pure blacks left. Last time I checked, the top beautiful men were white, not black. I am sorry but if this is how black men think, I don't ever want to date are really stupid.

  • It's funny how many people claim "blacks having a bigger penis" is a myth.
    Just look at national average. Nigeria vs Germany for example.
    On average they are certainly bigger.

    Also it's well established that they have certain physical advantages.

    And yes, not every black dude is super athletic and hung like a bull.
    To point that out is to clarify something that everyone with at least quarter a brain should know by now.

  • Speaking as a proud white male, I think superiority in race differs depending on the sport, or circumstance, and also believing in oneself. For the African American who has struggled significantly in white america, the desire to be better than whites is natural, and gives a little edge, mentally,perhaps. As far as football, and basketball are concerned, I think the black man is perhaps in his element, but also has more confidence. On the flipside of that coin, there are numerous white althletes in the football and basketball hall of fame. The myth that white men can't jump is truly annoying, and false. just look at ballet dancers, dominated clearly by whites, and professional dancers can jump, clearly. African Americans have found strength in their roots as a culture and people, where European Americans have lost touch somewhat with their roots (to a degree). I'm not a large male, but I can easily hold my own when playing sports with mixed races. Ultimately, I think it depends mostly on the individuals physicality, and their determination. white men have dominated North America for centuries, so nature is balancing itself out over the last few decades, with regard to african americans excelling in areas where they weren't allowed to b4. Does that mean the white man has been obliterated from professional football and basketball? Hardly, there is already a resurgence in white men in those two sports particularly. So, while the black man if finally enjoying success in america, mainly over the last 40 years, the white man is adapting well to a changing america. I personally think it's good that the black man is physically strong, because it will only make us stronger in our attempt to keep stride, and thus, as a "human race", ultimately, we will all become stronger.

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