Virginity and reality?

26 and a virgin.

I've always held my virginity is high esteem. Never felt inadequate or ashamed. Keeping the title has been a choice.

I'm normal, I figure I'm reasonably attractive, have a great personality, am educated, quick witted, clean, socially proficient, and financially independent.

I've dated virgins and (come to find out) non-virgins.

The relationships were generally pleasant and learning experiences both physically and emotionally, but I've always resisted the urge to go further physically in the relationship.

I've had the opportunity, both at my discretion and at their urging, but I've never felt certain enough at that moment that this was the girl I would marry.

I have a fair number of friends..A handful of the female friends who are aware of my virginity have come forward to inform me that if I ever change my mind, that they should be the first to know and they'd be happy to 'help' me out. But such offers are exactly what I am not looking for in the girl I'd like to share my virginity with.

I'm not a virgin for religious reasons, though I feel that morality is as reasonable of a reason as any for postponing sex. It isn't about God for me.

It is my belief that my virginity is a gift to my future wife. I owe it to her to give her my whole self. My waiting for her is the least I can do for the women I will love for the rest of my life. And the level of trust that I believe will come from sharing that experience with my wife is a bond that can not be broken.

My thought, you don't cheat on your wife after you vow your life to her. Why should you do it before you take the vow to honor her?

I'm saving myself to honor my future wife.

And if I can keep myself whole for her with all the temptation out there, I would think that could only strengthen the trust in the marriage.

With all of that, reality still creeps in...

At 26, soon to be 27, I recognize that every passing moment is a lost opportunity to find the perfect woman for me. Every moment, the pool of virgin females within reasonable age proximity dwindles. More worrisome is that the number of virgin, available females who I would be both physically attracted too and emotionally attracted too, is shrinking at an even greater rate. They are getting married or engaged or are succumbing to the draws of pre-marital sex.

So to the actual question:

With the number of virgin females around my age shrinking daily, how is a normal virgin guy supposed to track down compatible virgin females? How does one meet virgin females without spending hours and hours sifting through girls I am attracted too, only to find out they aren't virgins?

Is it time to get desperate and start approaching females right off the bat with an inquiry into their sexual history?

Am I chasing a pipe dream hoping to find my perfect match?

Are there even any virgins over the age of 21? How do I find them? Certainly not bars, clubs, etc...
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Thanks for all the advice and the vote of confidence.
Virginity and reality?
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