What does 'You're thick' mean?

If girls tell you, on a regular basis that, 'wow, you're thick' (I promise, I'm NOT trying to brag or get any kudos here), does that mean that I'm not big? I mean to consistantly have 'thick' noted, as opposed to big, can I assume that girls for the most part think my length is average, but the girth is big? Or are they saying, you're big, and on top of that you're thick.


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  • ...it means you are THICK, you have a wide one, it fills me up, etc...the length is not all that it is cracked up to be, as men may think it is...so she probably isn't commenting on that part, or paying it much attention, one way or another. Length doesn't do all that much because let's face it, if a baby can grow to full term in the depths of our womb, what is even a 13 inch going to do? (my son was 21 inches long when born) Width is what we feel where it counts. (it's a compliment she's giving you...so be proud, and don't get a big head about it...no pun intended)


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  • lol at the 'it "meens" you're stupid.'

    i'm pretty sure it means the girth though.


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  • It means you're thick... what is not to understand? It means you're wide. "big" refers to size as a whole so being wide is part of being big. It says you're in your 30's shouldn't you know this better than me? Width is more important than length anyways. A guy with a10 inch dick that's only 1 inch around... isn't going to please anyone.

    • Being in 30's, unfortunately doesn't mean that I have answers to every question imaginable. It's a nuanced question which may have gone over your head. Thanks for trying to provide insight.

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    • So they probably just see you as average and unremarkable in the length department and thus not really worth saying anything about. (I mean who really points out. "Hey, you're about average!"). If you're implying that by not saying something about your length, she meant something by that? Well then you're diving into subtleties that no one else is really going to no for sure unless you ask the person who said it themself.

    • It's just that so many have said it. I think you hit it on the head, and that's sort of what I feared. The fact that over the years 'Thick' has been stressed, leaves me to believe, as you mention, that the general consensus with these chicks, is that I'm 'unremarkable in length'.

      Whatevs.... was just curious about it. I still have the motion in the ocean, I guess.


  • Stop bragging... you get no girls, with a mentality like that. Your probably like 80% of those "big" dudes with a penis that is 4 inches hard but is like 4 inches in diameter. Dumb ass.

  • Yep. Welcome to the club. Are magnums tight on you, but about an inch too long? Same here, man.

    • @ astheria: He's in his 30's, I think he can tell when someone is referring to his penis as opposed to his IQ.

    • Yes indeed, that's me exactly! haha, I still want confirmation from one of them though...


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