Gay friend likes me but I'm straight?

so for starters me and my friends got to an all boys school and yes as the common stereo type we act incredibly gay,we don't have a lot of gay students but we do act really gay sometimes(grab asses outside sports, call each other baby or sexy, wrestle really gay,BTW I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST GAYS OR LESBIAN) and when everybody acts gay its hard to figure out who really is,well anyways I was always suspected one of my friends was, I told my other friends of my suspicions(we all respect we are still friends) and when I was out of town he came out of the closet so my suspicions were true and he knows no one else in our group is gay or bi but for some reason I think he's attracted to me(no I'm not a homophobe thinking every gay guy might like me) but out everyone in our group (we weren't the closest friends) he always like to act gay around me or towards he always touched me more than others (in a friendlyish way) ,but I do think he is or was attracted to me at one point so what should I do my gay friend likes me but I'm straight and am not curious whatsoever so I'm gonna experiment,i still want to stay friends with him though,the fact that I know he's gay now does nt change my opinion towards him
Gay friend likes me but I'm straight?
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