Guys- how do you deal with women being more emotional or sensitive then you?

Or there need to "talk", or how sometimes you have to read between the lines for example, she says "Sure, whatever." when really that means, "do that and I will hurt you." lol... Or periods.

Women are in general much more emotional then men. I think I'm sensitive by personality, and I'm not saying all women are like this, but I'm one of them. When me and my husband fight, I cry. I cry quite often and probably more then most people. I also notice I talk a lot more then my husband.

I was just thinking, if I was much less emotional then I am, and I had to deal with the opposite gender being like that, I would be ANNOYED. Doesn't it get annoying for you?

Take into consideration this- last night, me and my husband hadn't had sex for a few days. Reason being, he was watching p*rn one night and then lied about it, several times. It turned into an argument. Then we were finally going to have sex, and I got sick just as we were starting- it was very sudden but there was nothing I could do. I felt awful, so I told him, he could watch p*rn instead I wouldn't mind. He said no, he didn't want it. Next day, I was so hot, because it had been 5 days. I was gonna watch p*rn and masturbate, but I didn't because I wanted to wait for my husband to come back- and normally he ALWAYS wants it, so he told me never to masturbate so that I'll want it more often. So I waited- very difficult. When he came home, I think for the first time ever, he didn't want sex. He wanted to sleep. I was so surprised because I thought by now he would be going even more crazy then me, turns out, he got up earlier in the morning to watch p*rn and masturbate while I was sleeping.

When I said he could watch p*rn, I didn't mean in replacement to me, and I KNOW that since we've introduced p*rn into our sex-life, it's having a bad effect on both of us. And if he tells me not to masturbate during the day, he should do it with me at night. I have needs too! Anyway, I tried to talk to him about it and he said "baby, just let me sleep.". And he was falling asleep. I was so frustrated and I started crying. I felt pretty pathetic but I was just upset. I hate the idea that he doesn't need me anymore because he's watching p*rn and I only came to accept it recently. He didn't react, he just lay there.That made me cry more, and eventually he got up and hugged me. He needed to sleep, but me, being the emotional woman, needed to talk, and if not, I would cry. Annoying right?

And another thing, my husband told me I look "amazingly sexy" from behind (my shape, my ass and ****), it wasn't good enough for me. I had to add, "... but what about my front?". Or I ask him like once a week if I got fatter.

When I go over everything, I feel like I must be so annoying and I don't know how my husband deals with it. But he told me this morning that he was so crazy about me, and that his love for me is growing stronger and stronger everyday. Tbh, I don't get why...

Guys- how do you deal with women being more emotional or sensitive then you?
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