Why did he say this to me when it was our second time talking and meeting face-to-face?

Ok, so I was doing squats with a bar, and as I was doing my squats, this guy (my trainer) goes, not exactly word for word since I can't remember clearly, but he basically told me to push "it" up against him til I feel it, or some bizarre thing like that. He was standing directly behind me. I was too shocked to react. Later on, he called me cute, and mentioned his ex. Anyway, you're probably wondering what a creepy guy, but we're cool, as in we text and flirt and stuff, he even asked me out, because he likes(ed) me, obviously. Anyway, but I was really shocked at what he told me to do.

So, what exactly did he mean? Was he that horny or something. What were his intentions? This means that he most definitely was staring at my behind, right?

I need your help to further explain why he said that! Oh, and once I was done, he asked if what happened was awkward for me.



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  • Yep it's pretty clear. He was horny, liked what he saw, made a move that some might consider harassing, with the intention of having some dirty fun with you, and yes, he was definitely checking out your behind. I think this explains why he said what he said.

    Does this help?


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  • Must be something trainers say

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