Why do some men like fat women?

is it because their whole body feels like tittie?


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  • Or maybe what everyone has missed, maybe some guys don't care how a girl looks and cares about their personality, or how well off they are or if they are a good mother... etc. there is more to a person than just looks and both guys and girls can feel that way. I dated a bigger guy and yea after a while the attraction started to fade but I was attracted to him at first because he was probably the nicest guy I had ever met, and he had some money (which yes I know isn't the nicest thing to say but it's the truth)

    what made you wonder?


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  • how old are u,what a weird question. Hmm...y some women like fat guys? same. Perfect weight is not beauty,being overweight is not being ugly. So here you have the result : everyone is beautiful and in some way.

  • wow just wow.

  • maybe its because not every man in this world likes a stick thin chick.

    and maybe not every man in this world is a chauvinistic male pig like you!

    • Im not a bitter man hating women thank you very much!

      i just think that that was the most rude and insensitive question someone could possibly ask!

      lol and wtf , how do I eat my feelings.

      oh, and he is a pig, for saying what he did about big girls..

    • Whatever fatty

    • Hahaha yeah ok, yeah I guess I'm fat, being 174cm tall, and weighing 132pounds.

      pfft loser

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  • There is no female body style that some guy someplace does not find too be totally hot. Why do you like what you do? Everybody has their preferences and there is no reason that can explain all of them.

    That being said, I did find the comments below to be totally rude and insensitive. Yours was not a great question but it was a valid question. I can think of no excuse except immaturity to rationalize why someone would refer to another human being as a shovernistic male pig. That sort of statement has no place on this forum.

  • well its good that some men

    like fat women... if not the world

    would be filled with single

    fat women, and they would be

    looked at differently.

    and your attempt at funny was

    a fail.

  • For the same reason guys like skinny chicks, or certain eyes, hair, noses, tits, butts, whatever.

    Personal preference, to be, if not enjoyed, ignored.

  • "is it because their whole body feels like tittie?"

    | think you should ask a lot more questions on this site because there seems to be a lot of things that you don't understand haha. Are you sure your over 16, let alone 25-29. (No offense)

    I'd say that everyone's preferences are different, whether they are attracted to there body, personality or both.

  • Lots of reasons. Maybe she's a total sweetheart, lots of fun, interesting, attractive, but just not skinny. Maybe she gained weight but her man still loves her anyway. When you care about someone they could be more attractive to you.

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