Guys can I pick your brain for a little bit to figure out what it is about me that guys do not like?

I’m 18 (in roughly two months I’ll be 19) and I’ve never had a boyfriend, never been asked out, etc. I have a couple guy friends but not much (before anyone says that I’ve friend zoned them and that I should look there for a potential boyfriend, most of them currently have girlfriends and the rest are either gay or I liked them/flirted and they didn’t like me back). Below are possible reasons why I might be single…I’d REALLY appreciate any insight you can give me!

1. Too shy – this might be a possibility because I tend to be more on the reserved side and somewhat of a wallflower in group settings. However, I warm up quickly and I make friends easily so I don’t see why this doesn’t carry over to getting the interest of guys. I’ve seen y’alls responses about shy girls that in general you like them as long as they don’t look deathly afraid of talking and that they do at least open up and keep the conversation going. So idk...

2. Too tall – I’m 5’9” and I’m taller than some guys I know. I know that a lot of guys don’t like girls who are taller than them and I’ve read on here how a lot of tall guys like petite short girls. However, I know that there are guys out there who do like tall girls…just not sure what that percent is haha.

3. Not attractive / too attractive – Everyone has their opinion on what they consider attractive. A girl who is hot to one guy is considered ugly by another guy. I’m not going to post a pic and ask to be rated or anything like that…. but I’m fairly certain that there has got to be some guys out there who find me pretty (and probably some who don’t find me attractive). So maybe I’m not being approached because they either don’t find me attractive OR maybe they’re intimidated? Maybe?

4. Too smart – I personally don’t consider myself a genius or anything…I just study hard to make good grades. I’m not arrogant or a show off either. I’ve heard that it might be an intimidating trait but at the same time I’ve heard that some guys like smart girls….so idk…

5. Too innocent – Is that even a turn off? Haha. I don’t party, drink, etc. I don’t judge others who do…they can do whatever they want :)

6. I’m Christian (I assume only Christian guys would be interested in me) I’m known for being pretty laid back / calm so I’m definitely not one of those crazy in your face type of Christians.

Is there anything that I’m overlooking? I see other girls like me with the same traits I have, but they have boyfriends. They’re nice girls with nice boyfriends in great relationships.

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it seems a picture would help after all haha

Guys can I pick your brain for a little bit to figure out what it is about me that guys do not like?
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