Girlfriend wants me circumcised?

Me 32 is dating a woman (36) for a while now, but this weekend she came on strong for the second time that she want me to get circumcised.

I realize that she might loose sexual interest in me if I don’t. But I come from culture where circumcision is not that common unless it is for medical reason.

She claim it looks better and it is cleaner. I argued that I bath daily and usually before we are together so hygiene cannot possibly change much.

I am nervous about the idea for the reason that it might be painful, that masturbation may be difficult. That, if I need to move on, that there are also women who prefer uncircumcised penises. Being shy, I also don’t like the idea of going to a hospital where doctors and nurses are cutting away at my genitals.

She argue that women face similar things with breast and other cosmetic surgeries to look good for men, child birth and gynecology exams. Then why is circumcision so much different?

So I want to know if I should consider that she wants and that I am being unreasonable or selfish to be so sensitive about this and unwilling, or is she unreasonable to expect it from me?

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yes the funny thing is now a month later the relationship is over because of some other issues she has ext. but I'm glad I didn't make such a sacrifice, because our relationship would have ended before the wounds have even healed, for what? so I agree with most of you. Thanks don't circumcise yourself for a lover's approval.
Girlfriend wants me circumcised?
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