Older man experiences anyone want to share?

I'm dating an older man, I'm 21 and he's 32. I've always wanted to try it. I'm glad to be with him. do I think he's my life mate? not necessarily, though it is early on.

older men have always turned me on. the age gap is large, and if I wasn't with him I probably would not date someone that much older again. but I like him a lot, for now I'm going with it and seeing what happens. I do think he is so sexy. he's handsome in general but he's at that age where he isn't boyish but not old looking either. (IMO men's most attractive years are somewhere late 20s-mid 30s). and he is more understanding, mature, treats me like more of a lady, better conversation, knows how to please a woman.

on the negative side...people not accepting us, knowing that if we did grow old together, there would be issues down the road (Sex drive, early widow, aging, etc), his age can also be a bit..intimidating because he treats me nicely but in certain ways we are not equals. it works for me but a lot of people would find it old fashioned and not desirable.

your own experiences, thoughts, etc?

ever been involved with an older man (by older let's make it 10+ years) for a fling, dating, relationships, etc? tell the stories, pros, cons, experiences? what do you prefer?
Older man experiences anyone want to share?
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